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Newly released productivity tools are landing every moment we speak, whether that be here on Tool Finder or on Product Hunt, or even to a whole new market, the entrance of new productivity tools is constant as you go across your day. New productivity tools don't just give us an opportunity to solve a new problem but allow us to enhance what we do and expand our reach with the tool. Think of tools like Notion, at one time a new productivity tool, for years the space was dominated by Evernote. Thanks to innovation and new features from Notion, Evernote was suppressed and the cycle continues.

Contentful logo

Contentful; a headless CMS that simplifies content creation and management.

Dynalist Logo

Dynalist is an outliner app designed for taking notes and connecting ideas together.

Google Sheets
Google Sheets Logo

Google Sheets is an Excel alternative for those who want to build using spreadsheets.

OhYeah Logo

OhYeah wants to be your to-do list, notes and calendar in one location.

Keeping Logo

Keeping is a shared inbox tool that connects with Google Workspace for collaboration

Rooftop Shared Inbox Logo

Rooftop Email wants to be a shared inbox for you and your team to collaborate on.

Help Scout
Help Scout Logo

Help Scout is a shared inbox software with a chatbot feature & knowledge base.

ScribeHow Logo

Scribe is a tool for building tutorials and guides using video, with the help of AI.

LifeAt Logo

LifeAt is a daily planner application design for organizing tasks & calendar in one.

espresso Displays
Espresso Displays

espresso Displays are portable work monitors for on the go productivity.

Jira Logo

Jira is an issue tracking software for projects built by Atlassian.

Oboard Logo

oBoard is an OKR tracking software that works with Jira, Confluence & Salesforce.

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Understanding New Productivity Tools

Unpacking New Productivity Tools

What makes the best new productivity tools?

New productivity tools need to be looked at and researched before you jump in more so than the regular productivity tools as they are newer to the market and might have limitations or constraints that tools that have been in this space longer might not have.

Where can I find the best new productivity tools?

The best new productivity tools can be found on Tool Finder. This is the best place to find new productivity tools, or also Product Hunt is a good place to find newly launched tools.

Who creates new productivity tools?

Productivity tools are commonly created by people that want to see a fix in their world of productivity tools or building a tool for their own productivity that they can implement and release to the world.