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Looking for the latest and greatest tools to stay ahead of the curve? Check out Tool Finder's selection of new arrivals. Our platform offers a variety of cutting-edge tools and apps that are designed to enhance your productivity, creativity, and workflow.

Whether you're a student, casual user, or professional, you'll find a range of innovative solutions that can help you achieve your goals. With our expert recommendations and user reviews, you can be sure that you're getting the best and most up-to-date tools available. Explore our new arrivals today and take your work to the next level.

Mayday featured image

Protect your week schedule with a new, different AI-driven calendar technology.

Bloks featured image

Use AI assist to manage notes, tasks, projects, meetings and more.

Apple Freeform featured image

Freeform is a collaborative whiteboard app for your team/friends with FaceTime.

Napkin Notes featured image

A creative, simple visual note taking application to plan your thoughts and ideas.

Capacities featured image

Manage pages, objects, notes and ideas all-in-one, new object based note-taking app.

Balance featured image

Time tracking app with a focus on work life balance and reducing burnout.

Conjure featured image

Manage habits, time, goals, objectives all in one unique habit-tracking app.

Microsoft Loop featured image

Create interactive pages to organize your team on a common goal with Microsoft 365.

Threads featured image

A streamlined, easy to use platform for team communication and collaboration.

Session featured image

Use Session to block distractions, take notes and stay focused on tasks on a task.

Morgen Calendar featured image

Manage your calendar events, tasks and schedule meetings internally and externally.

Tana featured image

A note taking tool for more than just notes, create a personal knowledge system too.

Reflect Notes featured image

Easy-to-use, well-designed networked thought tool growing in popularity.

Rise Calendar featured image

Always find time for important tasks, bookings and events with Rise Calendar.

Magical featured image

Capture meeting notes with this calendar extension and export them to Notion & more.

Vimcal Calendar  featured image

Schedule your time faster and effectively with the new star of calendar apps.

Obsidian featured image

Locally stored tool for managing notes, ideas and thoughts - a fan favourite.

Cron Calendar featured image

A Notion-acquired calendar tool with basic abilities but an outstanding design.

Raycast featured image

A macOS command center designed for saving time and speeding up your commands.

Llama Life featured image

Popular as an ADHD to-do list, this is a lightweight to-do list app for simple tasks.

Akiflow featured image

Task manager designed to bring all tasks into one place, with a calendar alongside.

Logseq featured image

Logseq is a networked thought notes app with graph, backlinks & more.

Skiff featured image

Handle team email, calendar and documents with a focus on secure handling of data.

Amie Calendar featured image

A rising star calendar application for organising events, scheduling and planning.

Ellie Planner featured image

An easy to use calendar that uses time boxing to organise and plan your day.

Hey Email featured image

A productivity-intense email experience with rules, but clarity on handling emails.

Kinopio featured image

A fun, interactive spacial thinking for new ideas, connecting notes and problems.

RemNote featured image

A note-taking application perfect for students and creating flashcards for studying.

Superlist  featured image

A multiplayer way to manage team tasks, lists and increase productivity for teams.

Thunk Notes featured image

Write, organise and connect notes together for networked thought in a great design.

Superhabit featured image

A habit tracking application to help you stay on track all year round for iOS.

Structured featured image

A digital planner to manage tasks, track time and increase productivity.

Mimestream featured image

Take your Gmail to the next-level with this new Gmail API email client.

Anytype featured image

Anytype is a place for organising notes, managing tasks and more similar to Notion.

Motion featured image

A task management application with AI assist and one of the hottest tools right now.

Zinnia featured image

A place to practice creativity, bullet journal and express ideas at the same time.

Twos featured image

A light to-do list, calendar and note app ideal for remembering everything on mind.

Craft featured image

A stunning document creator with a twist, including pages and multiplayer mode.

Routine featured image

A daily planner tool for creating tasks and managing schedules, events and more.

Actions by Moleskine featured image

An easy to use, Moleskine Suite built task management app, with lists and search.

Qatalog  featured image

A traditional project management application using AI assist to build workspaces.

Coda featured image

Manage your projects, connect integrations and team's workspaces with no-code Coda.

Superhuman featured image

Superhuman is designed for those time-poor with emails and want to handle them.

Endel  featured image

Improve your focus, relaxation and sleep with advanced sound productivity tech.

Slite featured image

A knowledge base for teams to share notes, documents and more.

Mem featured image

Easily capture notes using templates, no folders and AI-crafted note-taking.

Supernotes featured image

A beautifully-designed note-taking tool that was originally developed for students.

Everyday Habits featured image

Score your best streak and manage all your good and bad habits in one place.

MyMind featured image

If Pinterest and Google Keep had a baby, it would be MyMind for notes and ideas.

TickTick featured image

All-round budget friendly task management app experience with kanban, habits & more.

ClickUp featured image

A place for all-in-one project management, great for smaller teams.

Amazing Marvin featured image

Amazing Marvin offers features to support organisation and reaching goals.

Taskade featured image

A collaborative task management application for organising and managing tasks.

Amplenote featured image

A GTD users dream for managing notes, ranking your tasks and co-ordinating calendar.

Roam Research featured image

Built for networked thought for connecting ideas, taking notes and thoughts.

UpNote featured image

A simple way to handle notes, build notebooks and categorise ideas.

Microsoft To-Do featured image

Handle tasks, collaborative lists and checklists with a lightweight task manager.

Sorted 3  featured image

Manage your tasks and time efficiently using this easy to use application.

Standard Notes featured image

A enhanced security-focused note-taking application with themes, tools & more.

Five Minute Journal featured image

Journal and reflect on your mood for just five minutes every day.

Slab featured image

A knowledge management based system with collaborative features and powerful search.

Agenda Notes featured image

A notes app with calendar functions for connecting dates with your daily notes.

Timestripe featured image

Manage your life mission with day tasks, week goals and even 5-year objectives.

Bear Notes featured image

A great minimal, markdown note-taking application perfect for iOS and Mac.

Milanote featured image

A free-roaming creativity-based project management app for the visual thinkers.

NotePlan 3 featured image

An all-in-one type note-taking tool with notes, calendar & tasks in one base.

Things 3 featured image

Manage tasks and projects with a beautiful, minimal to-do app that works with GTD.

Habitify featured image

Manage your habits, score streaks and get habit analytics to help break them down.

Microsoft Teams  featured image

Collaborate with your team in real time, send multimedia and chat together.

Zoho Notebook featured image

A notebook app for creating all kinds of notes and organise them accordingly.

Zenkit To-Do featured image

Better organise tasks, to-do lists, events and notes with Zenkit To-Do.

Forest featured image

Gamify your timed work or study sessions with a fun, tree-building activity.

Fantastical featured image

A beautifully designed calendar app with events, tasks, integrations and much more.

Evernote featured image

A general all-around note-taking app, including light tasks and calendar abilities.

Loom  featured image

An async, remote method of communication with your team through video recordings.

Missive featured image

Manage you and your team inside email - a popular tool with VA, teams and assistants.

Notion featured image

An all-in-one workspaces for notes, projects, tasks, documents & lots more.

Polymail featured image

A modern email designed for working professionals with marketing-class functions.

Spark Mail featured image

One of the best all-rounder email applications on the market, with a solid design.

TimeTree featured image

A personal calendar app with a focus on family and social event management.

Timepage by Moleskine featured image

The most stunning design for a calendar experience, with helpful daily notifications.

Proton Mail featured image

Secure email management in one base, built by the folks at Proton in Switzerland.

Nimbus Notes featured image

Nimbus notes is great for an all round note-taking experience similar to Evernote.

Trello featured image

Use boards, timelines, calendar and more to plan and manage projects with your team.

Google Keep featured image

Google Keep is the digital version of Post-it Notes created by the folks at Google.

Spike featured image

Communicate quickly inside email with anyone, like you're using a messaging app.

Sunsama featured image

A daily planner application with a healthy work/life balance front of mind.

Habitica featured image

Manage your habits like an RPG game - collect items, build words & make new friends.

Calendars 5 featured image

Organize all your events in one place, including a way to create routines too. featured image

A place to manage projects and collaborate with your team in an adaptable workspace.

Twist featured image

Communicate with your team, a-sync with this new unique approach to team convos.

Airtable featured image

A no-code workspace for collaboration and organisation amongst teams.

Miro featured image

Collaborate with your team in all settings using a collaborative whiteboard app.

Freedom featured image

Block websites and distractions to enter deeper focus and be more productive.

GoodNotes featured image

A fantastic, pencil based note-taking application with handwriting abilities.

Zoom featured image

The all-in-one meetings, documents, whiteboard, mail and calendar hub.

BusyCal featured image

BusyCal is a customisable calendar application popular with business users.

Notability featured image

A popular with students, visual notes app with tons of iPad pencil abilities.

Noteshelf featured image

A note-taking application with range of features and customisation abilities.

Nirvana featured image

GTD masterclass Nirvana helps to manager tasks, follow the system & plan items ahead.

2Do featured image

A tool for getting things done with more classic design for tasks and light projects.

Google Calendar featured image

Co-ordinate meetings, events and appointments in Google's free, go-to calendar app.

Slack featured image

Now Salesforce-owned Slack offers team chat, video, audio and a growing toolkit.

Google Tasks featured image

A place to quickly capture tasks, make lists & do tasks inside the Google ecosystem.

Asana featured image

Manage projects in one of the best all-round project management tools.

OmniFocus 3 featured image

A place for busy professionals to manage tasks and increase productivity.

SaneBox featured image
SaneBox logo



SaneBox removes distractions from your mailbox to create a productive email system.

Todoist featured image

Manage all your tasks, build kanban boards and projects with this all-round task app.

Apple Notes featured image

Express your thoughts, notes and ideas in a simple application designed by Apple.

Wrike featured image

An all-rounder for project management handling with an array of views and more.

Cozi Family Planner featured image

Get all your family's calendar with to-do lists to schedule on the same page.

MeisterTask featured image

For easy, team-grade task management with a friendly feel for project planning.

Gmail featured image

Email management offered free by Google with filters, labels & mobile-access too.

Clear featured image

A basic to-do list perfect for all your daily lists, checklists & priorities.

Microsoft OneNote featured image

Note-taking and organising app perfect for students, academics and general notes.

Fastmail  featured image

A super fast and private email service application with strong functionality.

Outlook Calendar featured image

Use Outlook Calendar to stay organised and plan your time efficiently.