Getting Started Guide to Akiflow for New Users

Akiflow - Ultimate Beginners Guide

Akiflow is a place for consolidating your productivity tools and organising tasks and calendars in one place.

Using an application like this is beneficial for teams and those who use multiple apps for tasks, notes, planning and more. Having everything in one place saves time and allows for better organisation, and there for better productivity.

This is our beginner guide to Akiflow, so let's dive in:

Akiflow consolidates all tasks and information you need into one space.

Now, why would you need this?

There are lots of reasons why using a tasks consolidation tool is a good idea; you can quickly become overwhelmed with trying to manage tasks from inside multiple applications, you may also forget to complete something important, double book yourself, and biggest of all, is you waste so much time.

Akiflow brings all tasks from connected apps like Slack, Trello, Asana and more into the inbox for you to sort and manage. From here you can drag and drop tasks into your calendar, allow for focus time, share availability for meetings and even link content so you know which app it originated from and where you need to manage this task.

Lots of remote teams use Akiflow to collaborate and work together. Different team members or groups will use a range of applications, having a place like Akiflow gives everyone updates and the ability to see the full project, who is doing what, and when certain individuals are available for meetings.

Key Features inside Akiflow: Best Bits

Akiflow holds quite a few useful features for task management, collaboration, consolidation and more. Here are a few to think about.

Universal Inbox

The universal inbox is where all tasks are consolidated into one place inside Akiflow.

Akiflow consolidation tool universal inbox for tasks.

Let's say you and your team use other applications like Notion and Todoist, but you don't want to keep dipping in and out of these applications to manage tasks, projects, communications and so on.

With Akiflow you can link your other productivity applications to merge all tasks, events and projects into the Universal inbox.

From here you can drag and drop tasks into your calendar, see what's going on, and save so much time collaborating and communicating with your team.

Time Blocking

Once you have all tasks inside your inbox, you can drag and drop using time blocking to manage your schedule.

Akiflow time blocking feature for time block management tasks.

Time blocking is an effective way to manage tasks and get things done. It provides a visual platform to see an overview of everything that needs to be done, and when you have free time or time to fill.

It's also probably one of the easier ways to manage tasks. Simply drag and drop tasks into free spaces inside the calendar, keeping focus and work time free. You can really manage your time well here because you can visualise it.

Share Availability

Share your availability and see others avoid messaging back and forth to arrange meetings.

Akiflow sharing availability feature, Akiflow meetings and availability.

Something that always takes a lot of time, a lot of emailing, and a lot of planning is meetings. Akiflow has a feature to fix this.

You can share your availability and see others, so when it comes to arranging meetings you can quickly see when you're available, and when they are and arrange a time when it aligns perfectly.

Linked Content

Since Akiflow is a consolidation tool, you can link content inside Akiflow so you know where it came from and how to manage it.

Akiflow task consolidation linked content feature. All tasks inside Akiflow.

With content that comes from other applications, you can link it to say where it came from, who is assigned to it or using it, when the content was last saved and even write a little note to go along with it.

This helps keep track of where tasks originate and who is working on them.


Rituals is a cool feature that encourages you to create a routine for planning your day and closing your work day down.

Akiflow Ritual feature, daily planning, closing day, reviewing Akiflow tasks.

This is an ability inside of Akiflow that allows you to set rituals for daily planning and a daily shutdown. This is a very good idea for monitoring your progress and planning your day ahead in order to get the most things done.

Using Rituals creates a better work-life balance because once you have shut down you are done for the day. When using the daily shutdown you can see all the tasks you have completed and how long you spent on each task, you can then copy and share this with your manager, boss or someone in your team.

Any tasks you didn't complete are then available for you to reschedule within your daily planning.

Alternatives to Akiflow: 3 Picks

If you like the sound of Akiflow, take a peek at three possible Akiflow alternatives we have carefully selected.

Sunsama is a good Akiflow alternative and provides a great place for daily planning and calendar organisation.

It's useful for teams managing tasks, projects and schedules. Sunsama has a unified workspace where you can capture your notes, to-dos, priorities and even track your progress. It also has a seamless, clean interface making the workspace easy to get started with.

Integrate Sunsama with other calendar apps to merge tasks and events into one place. Set reminders, collaborate and categorise your tasks for further management.

Alternative #2: Motion

Motion is another good Akiflow alternative for its project management abilities. This app helps teams stay organised and focused on tasks.

It uses features for task management such as Kanban boards, time tracking and team collaboration. Overall it provides a place for a streamlined workflow to manage tasks and track progress.

Ellie Planner is a cheaper alternative to Akfilow, it provides a simple and more basic way to plan your day and manage tasks and time.

It uses time blocking to drag tasks into available space in your calendar so you can have an overview of everything you need to do that day.

You can do things such as set recurring tasks, see analytics and brain-dump ideas you aren't ready to schedule in yet.

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