10 Best Project Management Software for Your Team

Project management software are used by teams small and large, finding the right one can unlock huge new productivity boosts. Let's explore our top picks.

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Friday 14th Apr, 2023



There's countless tools that will be talked about in your team, around the office and thrown into the hat by people using them for personal use, but something that unifies your team is key to productivity - something that is a balance between practical in use, but offers a comfortable home that people can grow with is very important.

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Finding the Right Project Management Tool

Seeking a project management tool out might be able nailing 80% of people's needs and wants as a team, versus 100%. Trying to hit 100% might leave you wanting more and annoy people in the team, so finding something that hits the middle ground for team members.

Giving Control to One

One tactic that could be helpful for your team is offering up control to someone who is actively researching these tools. Spreading the time across 5 people in your team might be a distraction, whereas one person can bring data together and share with their team a selection of tools that meets the team's needs.

They can bring this to a meeting or bolt onto existing meetings to gain feedback and shortlist additional tools that might meet the bill for project management.

Project Management: What's Important?

Picking a project management tool can be difficult.

Here's a few aspects and selection of tools that will help you narrow your choice. All project management tools have different approaches to managing tasks, calendar and timeline of projects, so here's things to look out for when picking from the list above:

  • Views - Seeing your projects in multiple views can be helpful. As timelines, kanban boards, lists, calendar and many more are all options. Views help teams to see information in a different way and picking one that maps to their own views is good for them. Wrike & monday.com all have good viewing options for teams.
  • Integrations - Newer project management tool won't have a vast amount of integrations, tools like Trello, Asana and ClickUp have an array of them allowing you to connect tools that your team already use.
  • Documents - A new trend in teams is having a "Wiki" nearby to help you capture team onboarding, data, resources to help the team and silo'd information that might be trapped in tools like Slack or Twist.

These are just some of the important aspects for seeking a project management tool.

Looking for more?

We're updating more lists on Tool Finder to add more soon. Here's 15 project management tools that you will find value from too:

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