Best Shared To-Do List Apps for Family and Friends

Best Shared To-Do List Apps For Couples, Friends and Family

To-do list apps help you as an individual manage tasks, events and things that need to get done and just generally help you organise your day. Shared to-do list apps do the same, but allow you to organise your time and tasks with others to save hassle and plan better.

What Are Shared To-Do List Apps?

Shared to-do list apps allow you to collaborate with others to make plans, organise events, manage important joint tasks and just keep everyone in the loop with what to do.

Best Shared To-Do Apps: Summary

We have gathered the best to-do apps for couples, the best to-do apps for friends and the best to-do apps for family. You can also use these to-do list apps to share tasks with your team or workmates.

  • Microsoft To-Do - Free to-do list app great for university students.
  • Todoist - Great for large and small teams, or large or small groups of people.
  • Trello - A more visual way to share to-dos with a Pinterest feel.
  • Apple Reminders - The best to-do app for other iOS users to collaborate.

Let's take a look at the basics of each to-do list application and what makes them best for sharing with family, friends, partners and others.

Best Shared To-Do List App For University Students

Microsoft To-Do App, Tasks, School List, Shared

What is Microsoft To-Do?

Microsoft To-Do is a simple to-do list application within the Microsoft ecosystem. It's easy to use, just add to your daily list of things, break tasks down into smaller tasks, set reminders and get started.

You can also add in things to schedule for a later date, the app will then create your perfect day for all things you need to get done. Your My Day screen keeps things simple and easy to follow. Just tick things off when you are done.

Microsoft to-do is one of the best to-do apps for friends and family because you can quickly share lists with each other to stay on top of events, tasks and roles.

Why is Microsoft To-Do Good For Sharing Lists?

So why is Microsoft To-Do one of the best-shared to-do list apps?

  • Microsoft To-Do is free to use, so if you're a student on a budget, you can quickly get started with managing tasks, chores and events.
  • This to-do app also comes with Microsoft 365 plans, perfect for university students to access other Microsoft applications.

If you are looking for a simple to-do app to share with your friends, Microsoft To-Do could be a good place to start. There's no tricky learning curve, just start right away.

If you want to learn more about this to-do list app, here's our beginner's guide to Microsoft To-Do.

Best Shared To-Do App For Large or Small Groups

Todoist Redesigned Look

What is Todoist?

Todoist is a task manager and to-do list app in one. We have it here as one of the best to-do apps for sharing with your team, or small to large groups of people to organise events, holidays, tasks, and so on.

Todoist has a few more advanced features, you can create workspaces to collaborate with others in, you can see your personal tasks in one place and you can also use features such as hashtags and natural language input to create and organise tasks.

You can set reminders, add extensions, share lists, set priority levels, break large tasks into smaller tasks, and view tasks in different ways. Overall Todoist is a great to-do app.

What Makes Todoist Good For Sharing To-Dos?

So why is Todoist a great choice for sharing lists with others?

  • Todoist is easy to understand and get started with, you can learn on the go.
  • You can expand the app for larger teams and small teams depending on your needs.
  • Todoist allows different views such as board view to visualise and manage work.

So, if you want a to-do list app that has more organisational abilities, a space for team and personal tasks, and to collaborate with others, Todoist is a good one.

Todoist now has a new look, learn more about what's new with Todoist here.

Best Shared To-Do List App For Visual Thinkers

What is Trello?

Trello is another to-do and task management application that applies a more visual feel. It uses things like boards, cards and lists to help you organise and visualise what needs to be done.

Trello is one of the best to-do apps for friends and couples who enjoy a more visual representation of tasks, or things that need to get done. For example, you could create a board for holiday planning and add images of potential hotels or destinations.

Use different views such as a calendar to organise events and dates, or a timeline to track how things are going with planning this project, holiday, event or even birthday party.

Why Is Trello Good For Sharing Lists With Others?

Trello is one of our best-shared to-do apps for collaborating with friends and family.

  • Use the board view for managing lists, you can have as many lists as you want.
  • Trello is perfect for visual thinkers and those who feel inspired by images.
  • Better for planning things like camping trips, or adding Pinterest-like image items.

Trello is also a really easy-to-use application, just drag and drop tasks to the correct list to mark them done or in progress. You can also customise your boards to suit your needs.

You can read this guide to learn how to create Trello lists and invite members.

Best Shared To-Do App For iOS Users

Apple reminders scheuduled list of reminders.

What is Apple Reminders?

Apple Reminders is a simple to-do list and task management app for iOS users. It has a really simple interface and is one of the best-to-do apps for couples and sharing lists for shopping, groceries, events and more.

Apple Reminders lets you add location reminders for when you arrive at your location, you can also add subtasks and organise your lists using colours and folders for different topics.

Overall, Apple Reminders is a really good simple app managing your daily to-dos, setting reminders so you never forget a thing, and sharing with other iOS users.

Why is Apple Reminders Good For Sharing Lists With Friends?

Apple Reminders is a good choice and maybe one of the best-shared to-do apps for iOS.

  • Apple Reminders comes with sharing abilities if the other person has an iPhone or iPad.
  • Share location events so both parties know where to go and be reminded.
  • Create folders for different types of lists and to-dos to share with others.

Overall, Apple Reminders is just a simple reminder application where you can share lists and to-dos easily with other iOS users, handy if your family, friends or partner already use an Apple device.

Need To Choose The Best Shared To-Do List App?

Deciding which app to start using to share lists with your friends and family doesn't need to be difficult. Just think about the basics of what you need and how advanced you'd like it.

Best App For Sharing Lists For iOS Users - Apple Reminders

Apple Reminders is just the simple option and maybe the best option when it comes to sharing to-do lists with others. You can quickly share lists between other iOS devices to start organising your holiday, cleaning the house to tracking all your kid's activities.

Ideal To-Do App For Students - Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is great for students as it's within the Microsoft ecosystem. Those who already have Microsoft Word, Excel and so on will be able to use this application to add lists, create plans and manage their daily to-dos. Students can then create and share lists to help each other with projects or for cleaning their rooms.

Best All-Round To-Do List App For Sharing - Todoist

Todoist holds all the features anyone needs to organise and plan their to-do lists. You also then have the option to expand your lists to share with larger groups, or just keep it with family, friends and your partner.

Why Share a To-Do List App?

You can share your to-do list with your friends to plan birthdays, events, and holidays. Share to-do lists with your roommates to organise who does each chore or task such as taking the bins out on certain days, or something more fun than that. Or share your to-do list with your family to manage everyday tasks and errands before someone forgets.

Shared to-do list applications just help keep everyone organised and everyone in the loop with what needs to be done and overall create a more seamless, streamlined experience.

Take a look at some of the best to-do list apps right now.

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