Galarm Review

Best Features, Pricing, Alternatives & Verdict

Galarm wants to be your place to manage all your alarms in one.

What is Galarm?

Galarm is an alarm and reminders app with a social twist.

What does Galarm do?

Galarm is a mobile application that allows you to manage all of your reminders and alarms for any day and time. It offers a wide variety of repetition tools and functions. Additionally, you can coordinate using the premium version a web browser version to configure all of the alarms.

There are group alarms as well, which make it a bit more unique, allowing you to coordinate group activities by creating group alarms so that everyone in that group or a specific person gets the alarm at the same time. You can also chat with those who are your alarm participants.

Best Features: Galarm App

Here's the best features:

  • Instant Alarms - Instant alarms offer the ability to alert many people at the click of a button. The alarm will ring on everyone's phone and share an urgent alert that requires immediate attention. This is obviously a feature where you need to know whom you're going to be connecting with in order to determine whether they know that it is something to utilize.
  • Categorization of Alarms: Galarm also has a way to categorize all of your alarms from home, health, birthdays, and much more. It is a much better way to coordinate what alarms are important and what are not.
  • Group Reminder Feature: One of the most important features is the group reminder feature that connects you with everyone in your group so that when an alarm goes off, you all get the same message and stay alert. This is perfect for making sure everyone is on the same page, but make sure you're keeping people aware that they've got this feature on before using it.

How much does Galarm cost?

Galarm costs $9.99 per annum.

Verdict: Is Galarm Worth It?

Galarm has been downloaded over 3 million times according to their website and has already created over 50 million alarms across its community. For many people, this could be a great way to coordinate alarms together.

The annual pricing per person is $9.99, which means they've got access to the web abilities and some of the more advanced features within Galarm, but largely, this application is free and allows you to get started with some alarms so that you can start coordinating within a group. If this is something you're trying to coordinate, it's an interesting option.

Group Alarms

Perfect for sharing a set reminder with family & friends


Good for shaking things up in terms of sound when reminders go off

Galarm Web

The premium comes with a web portal for accessing alarms and reminders

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