Spatial Productivity: What is it?

Spatial Productivity

Productivity is always evolving, and now we have spatial productivity thanks to the likes of the Vision Pro by Apple and Meta. These technologies allow a more immersive experience for working and meetings.

What is Spatial Productivity?

Spatial Productivity is the use of VR and AR technologies to improve and increase productive work by adding your experience right in front of your eyes, straight into the space you are in.

VR meaning Virtual Reality brings you into an immersive space through the use of a headset, this is like the Vision Pro by Apple. Using VR brings your computer right in front of your eyes and allows you to work from there, whilst communicating with your team, using voice commands and much more.

AR technologies add virtual realities in front of you through your device, for example, you could be using your mobile and using AR to imagine what a new product or design would look like. This can be integrated with the headset, by creating new things and showing you what they would look like in front of you.

Overall, Spatial Productivity gives you the ability to work within an immersive reality, without the need for devices like laptops, tablets or computers. It's all through apps in front of your eyes, wherever you want to work. Great for visual thinkers and those who need a more interactive experience to get more done.

Spatial productivity has become popular thanks to the new Vision Pro and Meta with VR. It has provided a whole new way of working for individuals and teams using a virtual and more immersive experience.

Vision Pro by Apple

The Vision Pro helps users create their own workspace by viewing all apps right in front of them, from here you can seamlessly switch and work between apps, and be on FaceTime too. Apps like Fantastical and other productivity tools are considering developing for this.

Vision Pro spatial productivity technology.

When browsing the web you can see all tabs, you can also view text in a more detailed crisp way, everything just looks a whole lot better right in front of your face.

You can also connect to your Mac just by looking at it, and then moving it into a bigger display using the Vision Pro.

Meta Quest

Meta Quest also has a virtual reality headset you can use to immerse yourself in a new creative reality to perform many different actions.

Meta Quest Pro spatial productivity working with VR headset.

You can of course use this headset for gameplay and experiences like that, but also work with your team on projects and tasks. With Meta you can view multiple screens and use added tools like a keyboard to assist with your work, you can just also then see everything you need in front of you through the headset.

Will it Be Spatial Productivity Be Productive?

So will using spatial productivity technologies actually be more productive than what you're doing right now?

That depends on how you like to work, what works for you, and if you're willing to give this method a try. Let's take a look at a few pros and cons of using AR or VR to boost productivity and workload.


Here's a list of pros for using spatial productivity:

  • Larger screens for better visibility could be good for more visual thinkers and learners.
  • Voice-led tasks for a more personal experience, and maybe quicker?
  • Hold better video calls with others in your team for a more collaborative in-person


Here's a list of cons for using spatial productivity:

  • Maybe too immersive, sometimes simpler is better.
  • An overwhelming experience? We are just getting used to AI, maybe this is too much?
  • Too many screens might not be great for deep focusing and quality work done.