Every Productivity Tool Christopher Lawley Uses

Christopher Lawley Productivity Tool Setup

Christopher Lawley shares content online about iPad and iOS productivity and how you can use these devices for everything you need.

Here's a list of apps and tools he uses to help him with productivity and planning.

Christopher Lawley also uses:

  • Apple Mail alongside Sanebox for emails.
  • Drafts for quick capture and text snippets.
  • Numbers for managing and tracking financial spreadsheets.

How Christopher Lawley Uses Things 3

Christopher uses Things 3 to manage his tasks and calendar events in one place. This makes it easier to check off the things you need to remember and do. Christopher sets up Things 3 to manage his personal life and his work life to organise everything he needs.

How Christopher Lawley Uses His iPad For Work

Christopher has a really cool and interesting setup for his iPad and how he uses it to work. In this video, you see from start to finish how he begins his day with journaling on the iPad, to connecting it with his desktop to complete tasks.

Christopher Uses Sanebox For Email Management

Sanebox provides ways to filter and organise emails to create a clean and easy-to-manage mailbox. Christopher explains how Sanebox helps him filter through legitimate and non-legitimate emails to help save time and reduce the overwhelm of emailing.

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