Every Productivity Tool Ali Abdaal Uses

Every Productivity App Ali Abdaal Uses

Ali Abdaal is one of the most popular productivity gurus on YouTube.

Launching the "Part-Time YouTuber" academy and a team of 15+ people requires focus and maybe a few productivity tools. This is the selection of productivity apps Ali Abdaal uses for getting things done on a daily basis.

Ali swears by his use of calendar for planning time, meetings and team collaborations. He uses Fantastical 3, a well-know calendar app developed by Flexibits. Fantastical 3 is known as a great all-round calendar application for macOS and iOS, so very Apple-centric.

For email management, Ali states Superhuman is an expensive solution but he uses it to help conquer his email inbox and unsubscribes from email in which is one of the features of the email app Superhuman and one thing Ali loves about it.

Task management is something he now handles between Notion and Todoist, but Todoist was his last known to-do list application for managing task loads and Todoist is known for the good abilities with capture and fast day-to-day task use.

Task App Pick: Todoist

Other Tools Ali Mentions

Other outstanding productivity tools that Ali Abdaal mentions are spanning between file management and read later applications, that can be used to boost productivity.

Readwise: Read Later

A popular tool that allows you to capture segments of your work, highlight them and re-surface them in card format for later. Ideal as a tool for managing all Kindle highlights, article clippings and much more Ali Abdaal comes across in his busy schedule.

Readwise, Read Later on iOS and Mac, Showing Captured Notes and Highlights

Second Brain: Concept

The Second Brain concept is something that spans all note-taking applications but Ali Abdaal loves to introduce the concept in his day-to-day productivity tools. This is something that millions use to help organize using PARA and CODE as concepts.

Building a Second Brain Logo, with Beginner's Guide to Second Brain

If you needed a 101 of the Second Brain concept, here's a great guide to it >

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