Every Productivity App Ahmet Kaan Uses

How Ahmed Khan Uses Productivity Apps

Ahmet Kaan is a fitness YouTuber that explores productivity occasionally. Exploring his diet and fitness routine demands more effective schedule management and this is his apps:

Sound Productivity: Ahmets Pick

Ahmet uses Endel for creating sounds that are scientific in approach to help him focus on his tasks as he goes throughout his day. Endel is well known for managing your health data and feeding it into a specialised "soundscape" perfect for better productivity.

Project Management: Ahmet's Pick

Using Notion to help script, plan goals, and capture your journal - Ahmet uses it to manage content and project management his workload. Notion is one of the most flexible collaborative tools for managing your work.

Timer: Ahmet's Pick

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Ahmet uses Forest for starting a timer and focus during a deep work session. He loves the timer application to manage and reduce distraction across his study workday. He loves the self-motivation aspect of Forest.

Habit-Tracking: Ahmet's Pick

He used Habitify to manage habit-tracking and capture those goals and routinised habits. He likes the accountability nature of habit-tracking, perfect for fitness management too.

Calendar App: Ahmet's Pick

Time-blocking is the technique that Ahmet uses to manage his time. He uses it to block and calendar-block ahead of the him for fitness, content creating and productivity.

Task Management: Ahmet's Pick

Todoist was his go-to task management application designed to set his task list for the day and found it to be a good base for that. He now currently uses journal books to plan workload.

Productivity Apps: His Exploration

Explore what his set-up is and why he uses each productivity app: