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What is Habitify?

Build habits and unlock your potential with Habitify. It’s super easy to set up and begin tracking your habits. All you need to do is choose a habit, remember to do it (with reminders too) and track your progress.

Using a habit tracker application like Habitify, Superhabit or allows you to remove the manual task of physically writing, tracking, and remembering to update manual sheets and bullet journals.

Everything you need is in one place, across all devices.

Habitify gives you a space to write notes as you track your progress, receive reminders on all devices, organise your habits and visualise your improvements daily.

Key Features of Habitify

Here are a round-off of features on this habit tracking app:

  • Reminders - Set reminders to show up on all your devices to never miss when you're supposed to be performing a new habit.
  • Streaks - Be motivated by seeing your habit streaks!
  • Habit Calendars - View your habit progress in calendar view.
  • Completion Rate - See how often you complete all your daily habits.
  • Take Notes - Track your personal progress, changes, thoughts and feelings alongside your new habits.
  • Set Time Goals - Set a time for how long you want to spend on each habit.

A well summarised overview of Habitify by Demetri:

Best Suited for?

Habit tracking applications are best suited for personal use since it's a personal journey

You don't need to be creating the same habits as anyone else, no does anyone else need to be involved in your progress. Track habits to create a better version of yourself and improve your overall lifestyle.

Remember it takes 2 months to develop a habit so using the analytics can help build healthy habits and routines.

This is great as an all-rounded habit tracking app for mobile users too.


The amount of data you get when keeping track habits is really helpful, you can see progress on charts, calendar and more.


Helpful reminders on iOS and Android to make sure you don't miss your habits


Really clean design and easy to follow where everything is, no learning curve.

Habitify: Habit Tracking App

Understanding Habitify further

Who is Habitify best for?

This is a great all-rounder as a habit-tracking app, it provides the basics and what you need to get started, including more advanced analytics for tracking habits in detail if you wanted.

Is Habit Tracking with Habitify Worth It?

The value is collecting a list of habits you'd like to implement and creating/aiming for streaks. Developing a habit over 28 days can make it much more engrained into your routine, so getting past those initial days can be helpful. Habitify has good features for this?

Is Habitify good for tracking streaks?

Habitify offers a great way to track streaks, but also data around the completion of habits, per habit - making it a great option for those looking for a habit tracking app, with analytics behind all habits completed or not.

Who founded Habitify?

Peter Vu founded Habitify and was joined by Alan Nguyen who is now lead growth at Habitfy. Estimated first release of Habitify was 2016.

Is Habitify the best habit tracking app for data tracking?

Yes and no. Habitify offers an extensive way to track habits and browse analytics, however, there are tools like Conjure Habits that produce more data and settings to customise and optimise habit tracking that are worth a look at.


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