Tom Solid's 2023 Productivity Stack: Unpacked!

Tom Solid Productivity Tools - Paperless Movement

Tom Solid runs Paperless Movement alongside Paco Cantero focusing on helping people get more productive with systems like the ICOR framework and better note-taking.

Let's explore what tools Tom Solid uses for productivity each day.

For a note-taking application, Tom focuses on a system of note-taking called PKM. Personal knowledge management and is basically more advanced note-taking with linking notes and capturing notes. For that he's using a note-taking app called Mem. Mem is relatively new tool, but presents

Superhuman is Tom Solid's choice for email management. He splits his inboxes, uses the command bar inside of Superhuman and also the speed of the application for managing his email on Apple and on the go.

Read our full beginner's guide to Superhuman to see if it is for you.

Tom's Pick: Projects

Tom manages his knowledge inside of ClickUp. ClickUp for him is highly flexible thanks to the views within, allows you to connect content (ClickUp Docs), strong commenting functions and great connections with other tools outside. This is his 50,000 ft view.

Finally, Tom Solid uses Sunsama for his task management. As mentioned above, he uses ClickUp - well Sunsama much like Akiflow consolidates other tools like ClickUp, so he brings his tasks from ClickUp into Sunsama as well as Slack and email too. Perfect for daily and weekly planning.

Looking for some daily planner apps like Sunsama? Read our full list.

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