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Francesco DAlessio - Productivity Apps

Let's explore the productivity apps I use daily.

Since I last did a video on this, things have adapted and changed. I've slimmed up, drilled into each process and added more offline experiences for micro-managing my day better.

All Productivity Apps Francesco Uses


Two things to note. Firstly, I'm an investor in Mem. Like I always say, this does not affect my opinion on the tool when it comes to reviews etc. however, I am a user.

Secondly, I am a "productivity app expert" - which simply means I'm close to a lot of productivity apps, it doesn't mean I'm the most productive person. The person who runs the car dealership isn't always the best driver because he's around cars all day, just something to note, I'm just sharing my tools.

Productivity tool discovery and selection is a slow research process, so take your time.

Task Management: Approach

This is something that has evolved over time. For about 9 years I used Todoist and Sunsama for 3 years, now back to Todoist. For me, task management has all been about the approach I use, and I have started to weave our theories of Bento back into my flow.

Less tasks, side-loading task list and a focus on the task at hand.

Note-Taking: Approach

For notes, I've never been a big note-taking person. Clipping bits and saving documents, yes, but not as many notes since I was in university.

For notes now, it is more journal orientated and that's how I use Mem right now, for journaling and using the AI to feedback. Using AI with a journal is a game-changer and one of my latest discoveries for note-taking.

Offline Productivity Tools

reMarkable 2 is used a lot in my daily routine for planning and business development sessions. I always refer to my reMarkable 2 as a base for my offline productivity and it comes with me most places.

It helps me to visualise ideas and take myself away from the pings of Twist or Slack.

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Tool Finder is a creation of the Keep Productive team.

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