Best Mobile Calendar Apps in 2024

Best Mobile Calendar Apps

Mobile calendar apps sound like a great idea, until you install an app and the calendar doesn't fit the screen, you can't easily manage and plan your day, and you end up resorting back to using a desktop and hoping for the best throughout the rest of the day.

Life can be so busy, we need a calendar app on the go for adding in quick reminders, managing your timetable and much more. We need a calendar app for mobile phones that feels good, looks good and serves a great purpose.

That's why we have created a list of the best calendar apps for mobile that have everything you need. It includes mobile calendar apps that have a great screen view, no clutter, easy to input tasks or events and are super simple to use.

Best Calendar Apps For Mobile: Quick Glance

The following are the best calendar apps we have chosen for user experience.

  • Cron - One of the best mobile calendar apps even though it's very basic.
  • Vimcal - Exclusively free on mobile, looks and feels great to use.
  • Moleskine Timepages - The most beautiful mobile calendar app in the Moleskine Suite.
  • TimeTree - More of a social calendar app to share schedules with family and friends.
  • Morgen - For managing tasks and calendars together with time blocking.
  • Fantastical - A really good calendar on any device, and has good Natural Language.
  • Calendars by Readdle - Not the most beautiful app but has lots of features.

This list isn't ordered or ranked, although Cron is at the top and notability one of our favourite mobile calendar tools...

Anyway, let's dive into a little more about each of these calendar apps and how well they work on mobile devices. To learn more about each app you can check out their reviews here on Tool Finder.

But first, what do you need in a mobile calendar app?

Why We Chose These Mobile Calendar Apps

There are so many mobile calendar apps available, but not all of them have everything you need, or work anywhere near as well as the apps we have chosen for this list. So, let's take a look at the three factors taken into account when selecting these calendars for mobiles.

  • Reliability - All of the following apps worked well during testing and are well-rated by their users, all be it for different reasons such as TimeTree for family and friends etc. Each app is overall good for calendar use.
  • On The Go - It's important for mobile apps to be useful for on-the-go working. All of these calendar apps are great for managing calendars on a mobile device, even for busy people.
  • Real Estate - Yes, this sounds strange but essentially means the way apps use up their screen space to make a better user experience. Calendar apps need to fit well and not be too busy or look too small on screen.

1. Cron Calendar

Best Mobile Calendar App For Ease of Use and UX

Cron Calendar, All Apps, Dark Mode
  • Pricing - Free
  • Platforms - MacOS, Windows, iOS, Web.
  • Best Features - Connect with Notion, schedule links, and multi-time zones.

Why is Cron a Great Mobile Calendar App?

Cron is really great for mobile calendar use because it's so simple and easy and the interface is sleek. When using the calendar on mobile you want it to not feel too busy or overwhelming, Cron does just that.

You can see your calendar, any events scheduled or meetings you need to attend straight from your mobile device. Cron also syncs with Google Calendar so any existing events or events added from emails can be found inside Cron, all in one space.

Overall, Cron is probably the best mobile calendar app for providing a sleek and welcoming mobile calendar experience to manage daily routines, tasks and meetings.

Read our full Cron review here and read about Notion acquiring Cron here.

2. Vimcal

Exclusively Free iOS Mobile Calendar App

AI in productivity apps like Vimcal Free Time Finder.
  • Pricing - Free on mobile.
  • Platforms - iOS, desktop.
  • Best Features - Super fast, natural language, organised with colours.

What Makes Vimcal a Good Mobile Calendar App?

Vimcal also claims to be the best mobile calendar app for iOS. It's still just as fast as used on a desktop and allows you to organise your schedule with different coloured time blocks.

You can easily and quickly share your availability with others, take into account different time zones and send customisable booking links to skip having to email or message to organise meetings.

Vimcal is also a very aesthetically pleasing application, with a minimal interface and brighter colours to help you visualise your different tasks, events and scheduled meetings.

Read the full Vimcal Calendar review here and check out our Vimcal Calendar Beginners Guide.

3. Moleskine Timepage

The most aesthetic calendar app on iOS

Timepage App, Mac and iPhone, Weather Shown on Screen
  • Pricing - $2.49 monthly, $24.99 for bundle.
  • Platforms - iOS, MacOS.
  • Best Features - Themes, timeline view, travel time, schedule notifications.

Why is Moleskine Timepage A Good Mobile Calendar App?

Moleskine Timepage is easily one of the prettiest mobile applications for calendars, in fact, all of the Moleskine Suite of Apps are very aesthetically pleasing. Timepage is especially great for those who want a nice experience with different themes to create a calendar space on their mobile.

Timepage is basically like a planner inside your mobile, you can add your calendar and view it in a timeline, making it easier to scroll through the day, see what time you need to leave for travel for an event and see what the weather will be like whilst you are away.

Timepage also has tons of other features like notifications, seeing your daily plan, creating to-do list tasks and much more. Overall, it's a great all-around calendar app.

Read the full Moleskine Timepage review here.

4. TimeTree

Great mobile calendar for social and family

TimeTree mobile calendar app for sharing schedules with friends and family.
  • Pricing - $4.49 per month or $44.99 per year.
  • Platforms - iOS, Android, Mac, Desktop.
  • Best Features - Calendar sharing, notifications of changes, create events.

Why Is TimeTree Good For Mobile Calendar Use?

TimeTree is a different kind of calendar app, it's more aimed towards family and friends sharing to make sure schedules align and plans can easily be made. That being said, you can also use TimeTree to plan meetings and events with your team.

The mobile app for TimeTree feels just as nice to use as the desktop version of the app. You can access and view your calendar alongside anyone else within your family or specific groups. From here you can see if schedules clash, where there is free time and receive updates if someone makes a change to their calendar or an event you are involved in.

You can also communicate with others inside the app to talk about events, tasks, and specific dates. Overall, a good choice for busy families and friends who can never find the time to make plans.

Read the full TimeTree calendar review here.

5. Morgen

Mobile Calendar for Tasks and Time Blocking

Morgen Calendar, new calendar apps for 2023.
  • Pricing - Free, $7.25 per month.
  • Platforms - Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.
  • Best Features - Create workflows, sync calendars, team focus time and travel time.

What Makes Morgen a Good Mobile Calendar App

Morgen is a really useful calendar application with tons of features for better managing your time, tasks and much more. It's also a really beautiful application and feels nice to use on desktop and mobile.

With Morgen you can timeblock your schedule with tasks, using colours to help organise and visualise your day. You can also create your custom workflows to automatically create a daily routine, great for if you work from home. Morgen also has additional calendar features such as travel time, stats and calendar propagation, which means no duplicate events.

Overall, Morgen is a good calendar app for mobile if you want to use tasks alongside.

Read our full Morgen Calendar Review here and read about the 3.0 Morgen updates here.

6. Fantastical

A great calendar app for all devices

Fantastical 3 app on iOS and iPad, Black iPad, Full Calendar Event View
  • Pricing - Free, $6.99.
  • Platforms - iOS, Mac.
  • Best Features - Scheduling, colour organisation, natural language, tasks.

What Makes Fantastical A Great Calendar App For Mobile?

Fantastical is a great calendar application for both mobile and desktop and looks especially great on iPad. It provides a clean and easy-to-use space to manage your days, weeks and months, with time blocking and colour organisation to visualise different events.

Fantastical also uses natural language input to make adding events and tasks to your calendar super quick, just start typing, add in times and dates and it will add to the calendar will all details in place.

Overall, Fantastical is a very well-loved calendar application that syncs nicely with all your devices to manage your tasks, events and time in one space.

Read the full Fantastical Calendar review here and check out our Fantastical Beginners Guide to help get you started.

7. Calendars by Readdle

A Unified Calendar With Tons of Features

Readdle Calendars App, Free Download
  • Pricing - Free, $19.99 per year.
  • Platforms - iOS, Mac.
  • Best Features - Sync across all devices, colour-coded schedules and connect tasks.

Why is Calendars by Readdle a Good Mobile Calendar App?

Calendars isn't the most beautiful application, it feels a little dated, however, it does provide a great calendar app for mobile use thanks to its use of on-screen space, calendar views and colour coordination. You can also use drag and drop to move things around, sync calendars to all your devices and quickly create tasks with natural language input.

You can also share your calendars with others, use Apple or Google Maps to help with locations, and set up recurring events and reminders to always stay on track.

So, as we said, not the prettiest, there are more aestheitc calendar apps for mobiles out there, however, still a pretty solid app with a great calendar view for mobile.

Read the full review of Calendars by Readdle here.

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