Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Fantastical 3: Get Started

Fantastical 3 Beginners Guide

Fantastical 3 is another calendar application great for power users of Apple devices.

It's a nice alternative application to Apple Calendar that still feels simple and easy enough to use with added features and benefits that those reliant on organising their busy calendars will enjoy like Todoist, weather, timezones and much more.

Fantastical Calendar is a simple and easy-to-use calendar application that makes life planning smoother when it comes to planning, organising, scheduling and viewing other calendars. Fantastical is available on iPhone, macOS and iPadOS currently.

Fantastical 3 app on iOS and iPad, Black iPad, Full Calendar Event View

The Fantastical Calendar has the ability to view other calendars and can help with managing work, meetings and family schedules. You can also see different timezones, and create your own even templates.

Fantastical 3 overall allows users to schedule their day, week, month and year with colour-coordinated events you can drag and drop and use natural language for input.

Let's get started with Fantastical:

Key Features of Fantastical 3

Here are a few key features of Fantastical 3 that make it a great calendar application.

1. Connect Multiple Accounts

First of all, you can connect multiple email accounts to Fantastical and have all events and plans shown in one space.

Add calendar accounts to Fantastical Calendar.

This really helps with planning and organisation because you can view all work and personal events in one place and time block in any meetings or free time accordingly. To connect multiple accounts go into the Accounts tab in settings to view all calendars, you can customise and select your calendars here and what kind of events you want to merge.

2. Calendar Sets/Views

Another cool feature of Fantastical Calendar is the different calendar sets or views you can use. This means you can select someone else's calendar you have integrated into your account so you can see what their schedule looks like.

Fantastical 3 screen, week view, with weather and upcoming events

This is helpful for planning meetings, events, managing your team and seeing what's going on in your family plan.

You can add all these calendars to view on the same page in the same space. However, this makes it look very messy and confusing. Much better to view them separately.

3. Timezones

If you are someone who works with clients and teams from around the world, the ability to see different time zones right in front of you inside your calendar makes booking meetings so much easier.

You can see your timezone on one side of the calendar, and a chosen timezone on the other side. Now you can take a look at the free time you have and see if this matches well with the timezone in the other country.

4. Natural Language Input

Natural language input makes everything easier and faster when it comes to adding in events, booking meetings and speedily managing your calendar.

With natural language input, you can begin typing your event or plan and it will automatically bring up the contact details of the person's name you want to meet with. You can also add a Zoom link, a destination, travel time, alerts and more.

You can read this Natural Language input guide for Fantastical to help. Of course, you can also just click and drag a free space in your calendar to add your own event.

Use Natural language input with Fantastical 3.

5. Connect Apple Reminders to Fantastical

Fantastical also offers other cool features such as adding in your Apple reminders, integrating some other to-do list and productivity tools, and having and choosing from a wide range of widgets for your mobile and iPad.

Fantastical 3, iPad with Event Open in Location Mode

For step-by-step tutorials on how to use Fantastical features, adding calendars and how to get started with Fantastical, take a look at the Flexibits help centre.

Alternatives to Fantastical 3

Do you still want to have a look around? Here are some good alternatives to Fantastical 3.

Fantastical Alternative #1 - BusyCal

BusyCal is a desktop application only available for Mac, so this might cause some hindrance, however, many Mac users do enjoy this application.

BusyCal comes with customisable views, natural language input, integration and more handy features to make it a good Fantastical alternative.

Some of BusyCal's handy features are:

  • Natural language input.
  • Set recurring events and tasks.
  • Search bar for finding events.
  • Scheduling assistant for finding the best meeting times.

Fantastical Alternative #2 - Google Calendar

Google Calendar will always be known as one of the best free calendar applications.

It's a good addition to the Google ecosystem and you can use it alongside other Google tools like Tasks, Meet and more.

Here's a few of Google Calendar features:

  • Good for use on mobile.
  • Share and collaborate on calendars and events.
  • Time management with "find a time" or "suggested times".
  • Search calendars and events using keywords.

Fantastical Alternative #3 - Amie

Amie Calendar is a really simple and easy to get started with application. It's a bit different from Fantastical as it also combines task management.

Users can add tasks to Amie and then use the calendar to help plan and schedule their time to make sure everything gets done. Amie Calendar is coming soon.

Some key features of Amie Calendar:

  • Provides support for multiple languages and platforms.
  • Add in locations, notes and attachments to events.
  • Easy to manage interface.
  • Manage tasks and events in one place.