5 Best Productivity Apps for Teachers in 2024

Best Productivity Apps for Teachers

Productivity apps are super helpful for teachers and students. Think about it, teachers have to plan lessons, organise work, write and share notes, and maybe even hold lectures, online lectures, and so on. Life gets a lot easier by optimising their workflow and using tools to help with productivity.

5 Best Productivity Apps for Teachers in 2024

Here is a list of some of the best productivity apps for teachers to use in lessons.

  • 1. Explain Everything - An online interactive whiteboard for teachers and students.
  • 2. Notion - Free tool for students and you can create workspaces to collaborate.
  • 3. Otter Notes AI - For transcribing notes and lectures for students.
  • 4. Microsoft To-Do - A simple tool for creating a personal daily to-do list.
  • 5. Microsoft OneNote - A great notes and organisation tool for students and teachers.

All of the apps are beneficial to both teachers and students combined, making these productivity tools flexible and accessible to both.

1. Explain Everything

Online Whiteboard Software

Explain Everything is a whiteboard tool for teachers and students to boost productivity and learn digitally.

Explain Everything is a really cool tool for teachers and students to use. It's essentially an interactive whiteboard application for delivering lessons and working alongside students.

This works especially well if you aren't in the classroom since you can both teach and students can learn from their screens. Teachers can create interactive lessons whilst on video call, and you can also turn whiteboards into tutorial lessons for students to access at any time.

Overall, Explain Everything is a tool for teachers to collaborate with their students via a digital whiteboard. You can use templates, create tutorials and make presentations more fun.

2. Notion

Best Flexible Classroom Notes

Notion has many templates for teachers and students to boost productivity in the classroom.

Notion is a great tool for teachers and students to capture notes, and ideas, make plans, track progress and so on. It's also free for students which makes Notion a very accessible application to assist learning.

Teachers can create workspaces inside Notion to explain projects and tasks, students can then communicate with comments back to their teachers to discuss or ask questions.

Notion is overall a very flexible workspace, you can also integrate with other productivity tools to further enhance your workflow. Teachers can create a system customised to the way they teach and how their students learn.

3. Otter Notes AI

Smart AI Transcription for Faster Feedback

Otter Notes transcribes audio into notes, great for teacher and student productivity.

Otter is a very clever AI tool that helps teachers and students save a ton of time. Otter is used for transcribing audio into notes, this can be from meetings, lectures, conversations or anything else you might need to turn into written notes.

This is a great tool in the classroom because students can audio record a lecture, and Otter can turn it into written text, from here Otter can also extract the most important information and summarise notes for easier revision.

Overall, Otter is a useful productivity tool for teachers and students because it saves time having to write and wait for students to finish writing notes, and it also allows students to study better with Otter's summaries and key points extraction.

4. Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft 365 Powered Task App

Microsoft To-Do App, Tasks, School List, Shared

Microsoft To-Do is a great tool for creating simple and easy-to-do lists on your phone or desktop. To-do lists are helpful for teachers and can be created the day before, or in the morning to make sure you have a set plan of action for the day.

If you already use Microsoft 365 you can also sync and connect your tasks from other Microsoft tools. This creates a seamless workflow and is great for adding in tasks quickly from other tools such as Loop, OneNote and more.

Overall, if you're looking for an easy to-do list, Microsoft To-Do has a really simple interface, you can even collaborate with your students in one space if you want to.

5. Microsoft OneNote

Great for students & teachers alike

Microsoft OneNote is another good Microsoft tool for boosting productivity. With OneNote teachers and students can create notes and organise them accordingly. You can create different notebooks for each subject or topic and share notes with others.

Using Microsoft OneNote for Education Purpose

It's also a good way to connect tools like Dropbox to open and manage files teachers and students may need to use. You can also customise your notebooks and workspaces to suit your needs.

Overall, OneNote is a good option if you are already in the Microsoft ecosystem, and the ability to create notebooks with things like images, files and audio is really helpful when it comes to planning and studying.

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