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What is Otter AI?

Otter AI is an AI productivity tool to help assist businesses, students and individuals to save them time with notes, emails, collaboration and overall boost productivity.

With Otter AI you can generate automated notes from meetings and lectures, you can also collaborate with your team inside live transcript and highlight keynotes and add comments.

Overall Otter AI helps you write faster notes, summarises emails quickly for you and makes being a student a whole lot easier by turning live lectures into written notes.

Best Features of Otter AI

Otter AI is an AI tool for boosting productivity via notes. Here are some best features.

  • Otter AI Chat for team meetings, simply ask Otter a question and it will summarise what is happening.
  • OtterPilot assists sales teams by extracting insights, writing follow-up emails and pushing important call notes to the Salesforce team.
  • Note-taking is faster with Otter AI and you can summarise meetings to keep important notes to pass on through the team.
  • Students can take notes in real-time from lectures, enabling them to engage in real-time and not worry about notes.

Who Uses Otter AI?

Otter AI is mostly used by teams and businesses for its live summary for meetings, however, students can also use the AI assistance for lecture notes and individuals can use Otter AI to boost their own note-taking productivity.

In terms of pricing, you can use Otter AI for free or upgrade for around $10 per month to unlock team features.


Collab with your team with Otter AI using the live transcript to add comments, highlight key points and assign action items.

Study Notes

Students can use Otter AI to boost productivity by creating notes from live lectures.

AI Chat

Use the Otter AI Chat to ask questions about meetings, this will give you a summary as to whats already been said.

Learn More About Otter AI

How Otter AI Boosts Productivity

How does Otter AI assist with meetings?

You can ask Otter questions whilst in a team chat or meeting to receive a summary of what's been said, this is useful if you have joined late or would like to recap on something.

How does Otter AI work?

Otter AI uses speech recognition technology and natural language processing to automatically generate notes from audio and text.

What types of audio can Otter AI transcribe?

Otter can turn any audio from meetings, lectures, presentations, podcasts and more into summarised notes.

Can I edit notes created by Otter AI?

Yes, you can highlight text, add comments, and have access to any notes Otter creates from transcribing.

Can I integrate Otter AI with other productivity tools?

Yes, you can integrate with your calendar, Dropbox, Zoom and more.

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