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Recommended Courses

Matt Corroboy

Project Management Tactics and Lessons

An informative and illuminating class that will show you how to build a schedule for your project that makes sense.

Bianca Pereira

Scrintal Course

In The Scrintal Course, you will learn everything you need to know to use Scrintal and take advantage of it for your own Personal Knowledge Management.

James Clear

Habit Tracking Course

Build habits from the small to the large with James Clear, NYTimes best selling author on MasterClass.

Paul Minors

Master Pipedrive Course

Paul Minors has created this course to help you better understand Pipedrive and how to optimise your sales processes through the app. Paul offers 1:1 consulting about Pipedrive to help you create the best workflow, he also offers one time purchase.

Layla Pomper

Smartsuite Academy Learning

Use this action packed course to learn how to use SmartSuite to centralise all tasks, tools and data to create a seamless workflow for management, projects and more. Learn the fundamentals and processes of SmartSuite with Process Driven.

Kat Norton

Miss Excel Microsoft Excel Training Courses

Explore all of Kat Norton aka Miss Excels Microsoft Excel training videos. Kat is an Excel expert who helps individuals learn anything from the basics, to hacks tips and tricks when it comes to using Microsoft Excel.

Jan Demiralp

Chat GPT with Excel

Jan Demirap teaches you have to use ChatGPT properly and how to optimise its use along with Microsoft Excel to standardise, extract and generate data. You also receive a shareable certificate for LinkedIn.

Al Chen

AI Chen Basic Skills of Microsoft Excel Course

Al Chen teaches you how to use Microsoft Excel for beginners. This course covers the basics of Excel, how to get started and who to use its many features such as spreadsheets, tables and turning data into useful information.

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