Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Superhuman: Get Started

Beginners Guide to Superhuman

Curious at how Superhuman works?

Third-party email applications have transformed in the last few years as leaders in the way of new features and innovations that eventually tools like Gmail add, Superhuman is one of those tools - with formerly a strict onboarding process and hefty price tag, but for many Superhuman has been a decent investment as they handle email on a daily basis.

Let's take a look at the features of Superhuman - zooming into the power features that makes Superhuman different from many other email applications like Spark Mail, Hey Email and even the likes of Spike Mail too.

1. Design as a Feature

Superhuman is one of the best in class for design, despite apps like Spark Mail addressing design in their more recent updates, for email management - Superhuman is tip top.

Superhuman, Background, Design UX and UI

Whilst design isn't a feature, it does make a difference when you enter email plenty of times a day and for those who are invested in email as a every day experience, then design matters.

2. Command Bar: Speedy Actions

To be honest, if you don't have the onboarding, your skills with the command bar won't be as powerful. Handling email with a command bar changes your perspective, powering through email actually becomes more manageable.

Command Bar, CMD + K in Superhuman, Speeding Email

This is one of the most prominent features of Superhuman and continues to help people open CMD + K to request a command on each of your emails. Remind me, snooze, send later and everything calendar can all be accessed here, making browsing emails easier.

As they state, "the keyboard is faster than the mouse" - as part of their marketing.

Superhuman, Remind Me Feature

3. Snippets

Micro templates in your account can break down smaller actions you might have. The last few months, repetitive emails is something we found ourselves doing, so making snippets for elements you send daily, hitting ";" will open them up and you can quick paste.

Email Snippets, Superhuman Clips, Clipboard

Snippets is essentially your clipboard for important email templates or snips you send.

4. Quality of Life

There are a dozen or so features that are hidden away, like unsubscribe, tabbing of your inbox to make emails more manageable, but also things like pop-up email, that allows you to see emails that are too long.

Pop Up Email, Real Time, Email

These quality of life are all things you didn't know you needed, but just make browsing and replying to emails better, with the command bar. The team are also working on AI based email management features too.

5. Speed

Speed isn't something you can quantify, but when you handle 50+ emails it does make a difference. Like Vimcal, Superhuman wants to handle email faster than the provider - say Gmail - itself. It loads emails fast and allows you to go onto the next email rapidly.

Probably best explained inside a video format. From using this tool for more than 2 years now, this email app is the fastest we've used, so far. You can now get Superhuman on Windows too, a recently released addition.

Things You Might Not Like

Here's a quick shortlist of the elements you might not like in Superhuman:

  • Very Command Led - If you don't like command bar apps, many of them out there now, then this isn't for you. The true speed of Superhuman can only be accessed with this type of function.
  • Pricey Monthly Fee - If you don't invest that much in email, you might find that tools like Spark Mail and Newton could be better for you. Less expensive, but if you find you spend long in email (2+ hours a day) Superhuman is worth a look in.

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