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This email client wants to be where your team meet up every single day to plan, create and build out from their team communication. Don't think of Spike as just your email app...

Handling email inbox on Spike Email

What is Spike Email?

Spike makes email more approachable by centralising team communication - for documents, tasks, notes and email collaboration.

It offers a unique way to handle email using something we all know and use daily, messaging applications. Spike is a combination between Facebook Messenger and Slack.

The reason behind this is to make email easier to kickstart and give you a more free-flowing way to collaborate with other people who might use Spike in your team. But it also offers more features to host everything in one base like plan, organising, collaborating on docs and tasks, video chatting, managing calendars, and more, all within one seamless feed.

Meetings inside of Spike Mail

Within Spike, you can also create and share notes, organise tasks and receive reminders at the top of your inbox when tasks are complete.

Spike Email Features

Spike offers an array of common features, with advanced abilities: Here are its best features.

1. Unified Inbox

Spike Email will combine all of your email accounts such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo. This creates a unified space to manage all emails in one space, with no need for switching about. You can then create a better method for organisation and manage emails stress-free.

By having a unified inbox inside Spike Email you can make sure you never miss an important email, set priority emails and communicate with your team, family, friends, and clients all in one space.

2. Conversation Email

Spike presents emails in a chat-like format, making it easier to manage and send messages quickly. By creating a space for conversation like email, teams can streamline communication with less confusing threads of emails.

You can send files and voice notes, and see a sidebar of details about the person you are communicating with. This helps you understand their role, what they do and what other threads you are in.

Overall, the whole point of conversation email is to make sure nothing is missed, messaging is way quicker than formal emails, and you can quickly scan through and search for messages a lot easier.

Spike Email - Groups - Creaitng a New Group in Spike

3. Notes and Tasks

A cool feature with Spike mail, and another aspect that makes this more than just an email app is its ability to write notes and manage tasks in one space. You can easily create to-do lists to manage your tasks or delegate tasks to others too.

By having email, notes and tasks in one space you reduce the need to switch between apps and it makes it a lot easier to communicate tasks and to-dos with your team straight inside Spike Email.

4. Spike Magic AI

Spike Now has Magic AI, making your messaging experience 10x faster, along with speeding up processes that involve writing, tasks and much more.

Use AI to compose messages with the right tone and length in seconds, you can choose a friendly approach, professional tone and much more. You can even use Magic AI to help complete tasks, tick things off and to help you brainstorm ideas.

Overall, having the assistance of AI in an email messaging and tasks app helps save time all around.

Spike Email Pricing

How much is Spike Email for team users?

How Much Does Spike Email Cost?

Spike Email has three pricing packages, let's take a closer look at what they include.

Spike Email Pricing
  • Starter is free - The starter package for Spike Email is free to use for up to three members, with 15GB of storage and standard support offered.
  • Team is $6 per member - This package gives you everything in the free package, plus unlimited access to AI, 100GB and priority support.
  • Business is $9 per member - Business will give you all the features from previous packages, VIP support, 1TB of storage and new features.

Our Verdict of Spike Email

Calendar in Spike Email

Spike is a unique email application - and goes beyond just email.

It offers a chat-like email experience, whilst presenting traditional email features. You can manage documents, chat with the team and also do voice and video calls - it is trying to be the hub for all forms of communication.

Spike is best for those who want to centralise communication and want to re-frame email to be more "chat" like - this could increase the pace of conversation and allow for better collaboration in one hub. In a world where many are considering the base of Gmail, this could be a neat layer to your email inbox.

Spike Email Alternatives

Here are the best alternatives to Spike for handling email inboxes:

  • Spark Mail - perfect for managing your emails with a priority inbox.
  • Hey Email - more of a productive email option comes with a domain.

Who is Spike Email For?

Spike Email is for those who hate the traditional method of emailing and much prefer a more relaxed approach with a messaging-type space. It's also mostly great for teams to create a centralised hub for communication, planning and organising.

Overall, if you are within a team where emailing just isn't working for you, Spike may provide a more streamlined and comfortable place for communication.


Spike makes email a little different, think chat app but for email. Connect your email provider and then chat away with people.


You can now create and collaborate on documents, in real-time within Spike. Decent for managing them in one place.

Team Chat

For those in your team using Spike, it has team chat for instant communication - versus emailing away internally.

More Spike Features

  • Send Later: Schedule emails to be sent at a later time with Spike's convenient "Send Later" function. This feature allows you to draft messages at your convenience and ensures that they are delivered at the most appropriate time for the recipient.
  • Snooze: Temporarily hide emails from your inbox and set a specific time for them to reappear using Spike's handy "Snooze" feature. This functionality helps you maintain a clean and organized inbox, allowing you to focus on urgent tasks and revisit less critical emails later.
  • Attachment preview: Preview attachments within Spike email without downloading them, saving time and storage space. This feature supports various file formats, providing a seamless experience when reviewing documents or media files.
  • Mobile app: Access your unified inbox on the go with Spike's mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices. With a user-friendly interface and all the features of the desktop version, you can stay connected and productive even when you're away from your computer.

What Email Clients can Spike work on?

Spike works with most email clients, including iCloud, Office 365, MS Exchange, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, MS Exchange, Yahoo Mail, IMAP, Alto, Gmail, IONOS email, GoDaddy email, Office 365, Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and more.

Here's a helpful guide to getting started with Spike.

Understanding Spike

Answers about Spike for you

What is Spike like to use?

Sort of like Facebook Messenger and Slack in one, but for your emails. The concept of conversations is applied to email making it a bit more accessible and faster to respond too, if you are emailing someone with a Spike account or in your team, it will almost be exactly like a messaging app.

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