To-Do Apps Making Waves in 2023

New To-Do List Apps Making Waves 2023

To-do list apps will always be well-loved and well-used. There are so many new to-do apps on the market so we have selected five which we think are going to be pretty good.

What is a To-Do App?

To-do list applications are an easy way for users to manage their tasks and daily to-dos inside an efficient app. These apps can be super simple like a single list or more in-depth for task management, automated recurring to-dos, calendar integrations and more.

Most to-do apps work like this; You add a task you need to complete, set a date and time and any extra details. You complete the task and tick it off. It's just a way of holding yourself accountable, and not forgetting important tasks big or small.

So, if you are wanting to boost productivity, stop forgetting the little important details of your day and feel a sense of achievement, a to-do list app is a useful tool.

New To-Do Apps Are On The Rise: Summary

We have chosen five new to-do apps we think are pretty good right now, with the use of AI and more mindful integrations, to-do apps are always a useful tool to have on your device.

  • Before Sunset - For mindful productivity and AI assistance.
  • Superlist - Multiplayer task management application.
  • Routine - Advanced and aesthetic calendar with tasks.
  • Timestripe - Plan your entire life goals.
  • Akiflow - Consolidation tool, a combination of tasks and calendar.

The following to-do apps are not listed in any particular order, some applications have more features than others, but hopefully, this covers a range of to-do list needs.

New To-Do Apps Making Waves in 2023

Let's dive into the five new to-do apps we have on our list that we think you will enjoy if you are looking for a new kind of app to-do list app or just want to try something new.

New To-Do App For Mindful Productivity

Before Sunset AI productivity daily planner tool.

What is Before Sunset?

Before Sunset is a mindful task management application that uses AI to turn your to-dos into actionable tasks. This allows you to add time frames, sub-tasks and more details.

Before Sunset aims to increase mindfulness when it comes to work and personal tasks, giving space for managing time blocking, using AI to best organise your tasks and allowing you to use sunrise and sunset to mindfully start and finish your day.

Overall, Before Sunset is a tasks tool that works alongside your calendar so you can manage to-dos and tasks with a view of your daily calendar, from here you can manage and organise your time inside this simple and aesthetic app.

Some Key Features of Before Sunset

Before Sunset is very much still being worked on, you can only access using the web however they're hoping to release applications for mobile soon.

  • Use AI to plan your day based on your tasks and calendar.
  • Complete the daily check-in to monitor your mood.
  • Add tags to tasks to organise them.
  • Add time frames to tasks to increase time management.
  • Use time blocking to arrange your day.
  • Sync with your Google Calendar.
  • Finish your day with the Sunset feature.

For pricing, you can use Before Sunset for free, or upgrade to access unlimited AI features for around £12 per month.

What is Superlist?

Superlist comes from the creators of Wunderlist, it's a task management tool that allows for multiplayer use, yes that sounds odd but it really does. You can actually see the mouse cursors of the other person whilst working together inside Superlist, making this great for teams.

Within Superlist you can also create notes with multimedia such as images and links, create meeting lists to enhance preparation and integrate with Gmail to work alongside your emails and quickly add tasks or anything you don't want to forget.

Key Features of Superlist

Since Superlist is still in private beta, we can expect more features and abilities to arrive, alongside more information such as pricing and plans.

  • Create separate folders for personal and work life.
  • Assign tasks to other people.
  • Quickly share lists with others.
  • Add tasks quickly whilst using other apps.
  • Plan and organise personal tasks, or with a team.

If you would like, you can join the Superlist private beta to begin using and trialling the app.

New To-Do App With Advanced Calendar

Routine, Calendar, Console Capture

What is Routine?

Routine is one of the most advanced calendar applications for productive people, it allows you to plan your day and week in a timeline view using tasks and your calendar.

Routine is a very aesthetic app, it just has a super nice interface and it's nice to work with. Routine also uses calendar blocking so you can really see where your time is spent and arrange your events and tasks to make the most of the time you have.

If you enjoy using the calendar alongside tasks to eliminate the need for more applications, then Routine might be a good choice. It's easy enough to get started with and has lots of great features.

Key Features of Routine

Here are some key features of Routine, a to-do app with a calendar and tasks inside.

  • Timeline view to plan day and week with tasks.
  • Calendar blocking to make use of time.
  • Console for saving and adding tasks quickly with natural language.
  • Centralise tasks from other applications.
  • Save ideas as notes, and turn them into tasks if you want.
  • Go through your schedule to craft your perfect day.

For pricing, you can use Routine for free, or their plans start at around £12 per month.

New To-Do App For Planning Entire Life

Timestripe App, Showing Today, Week, Month, Year and Life, To-Do List Apps

What is Timestripe?

Timestripe is an interesting application for tasks and to-dos, it's different to any others we have reviewed or seen. This is because with Timestripe you can plan your day, week, month, year and entire life. You can see your entire life day by day, kind of strange.

However, this ability is great for future planning and reaching your goals. Timestripe has a super simple interface that allows you to add tasks to create routines and tick things off your daily to-do list.

You can use ready-made templates and boards to structure your workspace and use a feature called Climbs to help you create routines and plans to help achieve future goals.

Key Features of Timestripe

Here are some key features of Timestripe, the app that lets you plan your entire life.

  • Plan tasks for your day, week, month, year and life.
  • Use Timestripe templates and boards to organise tasks quickly.
  • Use Climbs to help you learn a new skill or reach a new goal.
  • Write notes with links and multimedia.
  • Timestripe clock to see in a larger view all the days you have.
  • Use colours to organise and visualise your tasks.

In terms of pricing, you do need to pay to use Timestripe, prices start from £5 per month, or you can pay a big chunk of around £300 to use for five years.

To-Do App With Task Consolidation

Akiflow time blocking feature for time block management tasks.

What is Akiflow?

Akiflow is a task and calendar tool for consolidating all your tasks from other apps such as Gmail, ClickUp, Notion and more. This makes it easy to manage everything in one place.

You can drag and drop your tasks into your calendar side by side, and use time blocking to arrange your time efficiently. You can sync Akiflow with your mobile device to see your tasks in your daily plan.

Overall, Akiflow is an all-in-one task management and to-do app for managing everything from meetings, to-dos, notes calendar and your team if you choose to use Akiflow to manage larger projects.

Take a look at our Akiflow beginner's guide if you want to get started.

Key Features of Akiflow?

Here are some key features of Akiflow, the task consolidation tool for everyday planning.

  • Universal Inbox to gather all tasks from other apps and tools.
  • Time blocking to manage and organise tasks in one place.
  • Use the command bar to quickly add tasks.
  • Share your availability to arrange meetings with your team.
  • Set recurring tasks to save time.
  • Use smart labels to organise tasks.

For pricing, Akiflow is one of the more expensive tools, you can try the app for free or pay around £15 per month to consolidate all tasks and manage to-dos.

Which To-Do List App Is Best Suited For You?

Now you have taken a look through the new to-do apps in this list, which one should you choose? There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a new to-do list app.

How in-depth are your to-do lists? Do you want a simple list you can tick off at the end of the day? If that's the case, choose a more simple to-do application such as Before Sunset, as a more lightweight version that offers a daily plan, and mindful productivity.

Do you already use lots of productivity tools? If you have your tasks scattered around other applications such as Notion, Gmail, ClickUp and more, then Akiflow is a great choice for consolidating everything in one place, allowing you to focus better and get things done.

Is a calendar and tasks app better for you? If a to-do list isn't cutting it with organisation and time management, maybe an app that uses your calendar to bring in events and tasks for extending your to-do list might be better, give Routine a try for a more aligned experience.