New Calendar Apps in 2023

5 New Calendar Apps for 2023

Calendar applications are great for further organising your time alongside your tasks, notes and projects for collaborating with others. Here we have a few more calendar applications that have landed in 2023 and you can explore below.

We talk about what they are, what they can do, and what we think of each application.

All calendar applications have the same premise, they help you plan, create and save event information, however, some apps have a little bit extra to help you further your productivity.

Why Do I Need a Calendar App?

I suppose you don't need a calendar app, however, if you are someone who forgets events, tasks or anything you need to remember for that day, then a calendar application can help you stay on top of what needs to get done, and not miss that doctors appointment again.

Of course, everyone already has calendar apps available on their phones, and most people use Google Calendar. However, sometimes you need more advanced features to take calendar planning to the next level. There's plenty of calendar apps to choose from.

New Calendar Apps for 2023

In 2023 we received quite a few new calendar applications. Let's dive into some of the newest calendar apps for this year and what they can do.

Calendar App #1 - Hypercal

HyperCal is a new calendar application for 2023. It has a super user-friendly interface, designed to help simplify your schedule, providing a sleek workspace to manage events and tasks. With Hypercal you can manage events, appointments, tasks and more, all in one space. You can also integrate other applications to create automation and easier processes with apps like Notion and more.

New calendar apps Hypercal Calendar.

Key features of Hypercal are:

  • View the calendar in daily, weekly and monthly formats. This helps you plan further ahead, and not miss an important future event.
  • Integration with other apps such as Google Calendar and Zapier to import existing events and set up automation.
  • Set reminders for upcoming events.
  • Access Hypercal Calendar from any device even without the internet.

Rise Calendar is a versatile calendar app that helps you gain better control of your schedule and planning. With this app, you can manage all events, tasks, appointments and more within its Apple-centric user-friendly interface. Rise Calendar is still coming soon.

You most likely will be able to get to grips with this app quite quickly due to its simplicity and Apple feel. Stay organised with Rise by setting personalised reminders and taking advantage of its intuitive features.

New calendar apps for 2023, Rise calendar app.

Key features of Rise are:

  • Use focus blocks to guard your time and get things done, simply drag and drop to create the space.
  • The Smart Schedule analyser helps create a plan, which you can automatically upgrade and create insightful changes with one click.
  • Uses familiar keyboard shortcuts to create a fast-paced environment.
  • You can link multiple accounts to avoid double booking yourself for meetings.

Calendar App #3 - Daybridge

Daybridge is another new calendar app for 2023, bringing a seamless and simple scheduling experience to its users. Daybridge is another app with a familiar interface that users will find easy to get started with.

With Daybridge you can do all the things you need a calendar for. Planning events, tasks, and appointments. You can also set reminders and priorities to never miss a thing.

New calendar apps for 2023 Daybridge.

Key features of Daybridge are:

  • An open structure of space to plan your days.
  • Set focus time with the specific focus features.
  • Categorise events, tasks, meetings etc with colours and boxes.
  • When you start typing, suggestions show for titles, icons and categories.
  • Pull in information from other calendar applications and see where it comes from.

Calendar App #4 - Magical

Magical is a new, super smart calendar application that uses AI abilities and GPT to create a powerful planning experience inside a calendar app.

Magical claims to give you back two hours each day thanks to its AI abilities, you can quickly retrieve notes, seamlessly plan events and more. You can also sync Magical with Notion and other apps to optimise your experience and further enhance task management.

Calendar apps Magical calendar.

Key features of Magical are:

  • Generate meeting notes using AI so you don't have to waste time typing them up.
  • Share meeting notes through other apps like Notion.
  • Time peek shows you how long until your next event or meeting is on your desktop.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the app.
  • Will find ideal meeting times for you based on your preferences.

Morgen Calendar is an application that consolidates all your calendars into one place. Meaning you no longer have to switch between multiple accounts to stay on top of your events and tasks.

Everything you need is all here inside Morgen. You can also integrate your to-do list inside Morgen to plan your time and schedule around what you need to get done.

Morgen Calendar, new calendar apps for 2023.

Key features of Morgen are:

  • Create or integrate your to-do list inside Morgen.
  • Share availability and create booking pages for meetings.
  • Helps you delete duplicate events from multiple calendar integrations.
  • Integrate with tons of other tools to optimise productivity and planning.

So Which Calendar App Should I Choose?

The tricky thing here is that most calendar apps all pretty much do the same thing. They help you plan, organise and schedule events. You can set reminders to not miss something important and that's about it.

However, a lot of applications can serve different purposes and have extra features to expand your productivity and save you time.

You can go with more simple calendar applications like Hypercal and Rise, these apps have a user-friendly experience and are quite easy to get started with. Rise is expected to land in 2023 as a new calendar app.

Or maybe you are more focused on saving time with meetings and working with your team, if that's the case, Magical could be a good choice, you will have to get to grips with the power of AI with this one.

If you're looking for a calendar app to improve your focus and get more done Daybridge could be an option, it has a specific focus feature to time block for certain days, helpful with concentrating on work or study. Daybridge, as of publish, is in public beta.

Finally, there's Morgen, you might want to choose this one if you have lots of calendar apps you want to consolidate and use a to-do list by the side to further plan your day and tasks.