5 New AI Features inside Productivity Apps

5 Newly Added AI Productivity Tools

AI in productivity is booming, and more and more applications are adding artificial intelligence to level up their existing workspaces.

AI productivity apps can serve a range of purposes, one of the biggest is saving time, speeding up processes and making life so much easier. Here are five of the best new AI productivity features inside apps we already know and use:

New AI in Productivity Apps We Know

Let's dive straight into exploring AI productivity apps, starting with now giant Notion:

AI in Productivity Tool #1 - Notion

Notion AI has been around for some time now, but now it's available for everyone to use, and they're slowly releasing more new features as time goes on.

Notion AI Properties

AI properties allow you to autofill, auto-add key info and auto-summarise the content.

Notion AI properties for building databases with AI.

All of these AI features work inside Notion databases like tables. Let's say you build a table to help with travel locations. Here you can ask AI to autofill content about where you should go, how long it will take and anything else.

When using any AI features, you must make sure you ask it in specifics and in detail, you'll have to play around with it to understand it better.

If you work with a team and you're preparing for a meeting, you can summarise your notes to use in an easier form, and you can also pull up any key information using AI, be ready to share with others and feel confident during your meeting.

AI Generation For Writing

Notion also has quite a few features to make creating written content a whole lot easier. These AI abilities help you write better quality content, translate text, fix spelling and grammar and a lot more.

Notion AI in productivity writing assistant.

For example, you can highlight a body of text and then choose an AI ability such as summarise, make it shorter, make it longer, or even ask AI to rewrite the content in an easier way, or with a more friendly tone.

This is great for sharing technical content with others who need to read things in an easier way, it's also great for improving blog posts and long-form content too.

AI in Productivity Tool #2 - Vimcal

Vimcal is already known as a super fast calendar application, well now it's even faster with its Free Time Finder feature.

This is when AI in productivity really enhances the experience.

Free Time Finder in Vimcal

Free Time Finder inside Vimcal works with all your calendars to find where your true free time is, in order to quickly arrange and create meetings with your team.

AI in productivity apps like Vimcal Free Time Finder.

All you have to do is take the URL of your other calendar apps like Calendly and copy and paste that into the Free Time Finder feature, then wait for it to do its thing.

From here it will populate your calendar with all free time spaces, you can then arrange a meeting and select a time. AI comes into play even further and saves you even more time by auto-adding titles, duration of the meeting and time zone information.

Raycast is a productivity tool that allows you to use hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts to access its features at your fingertips.

Now you can also access GPT-3 within your keyboard commands.

GPT-3 Keyboard Shortcut

Raycast already uses keyboard controls and hotkeys to make a super fast experience and have everything there when you need it.

Raycast AI in productivity tool GPT-3 writing feature.

Now with its GPT-3 integration, you can now access tools to assist with writing. All you have to do is select the text, open up Raycast and type 'improve writing'. You can also type in prompts to change the tone, the length and much more.

You can then also create custom commands inside Raycast, making the experience even faster. You can of course use commands in passing, but if you often use the GPT-3 feature, you can create a command with hotkeys to instantly pull up commands.

AI in Productivity Tool #4 - Qatalog

Qatalog is a project management application for teams.

It uses AI to build a bespoke workspace just for you and your team, this is another great example of AI in productivity for helping speed up processes and cut out a sometimes huge learning curve.

AI Template Builder in Qatalog

Qatalog's AI builder begins when you start your account. Simply follow the prompts about your business and wait for a minute whilst it builds your workspace.

Qatalog AI in productivity tool workspace builder.

Inside the workspace, Qatalog uses something called modules, these, with the power of AI will all be connected and ready to use once the workspace is ready. Next, a few modules and areas will show on the screen, you can customise them here and choose the sections you want, or continue building the page.

Overall, AI works in this app by creating and building an entire workspace and workflow for you to get started with, no need to learn how to do it, just type in the details.

AI in Productivity Tool #5 - Mem

Mem is already one of our AI productivity apps, however, it also has this Smart Write & Edit feature to help you create better writing, with tons of other prompts for writing too.

Smart Write & Edit in Mem AI

This AI feature is kind of like what you get in Notion, however, it's in Mem and uses the knowledge and information you have already inputted into your account.

Smart Write and Edit AI in Productivity tools inside Mem.

You just have to press the slash key to open up the AI commands, from here you can ask either Smart Write, or Smart Edit to make changes to the text, or write something.

For example, you can highlight existing text and ask for it to be rewritten in a more technical tone, or even as a rhyme. Smart Write can also gather information already inputted into Mem like contact details and meeting notes. Smart Edit can then rewrite the text, summarise content, check spelling and more.

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