Best 6 Notion Templates for Productivity

Best Notion Templates for Productivity

Why Notion Templates Are Useful

As we all know by now, Notion is a very popular productivity tool thanks to its ability to become anything you want it to be. You can customise Notion and use its flexible workspace to create an app suited for your own personal productivity needs.

However, with all flexible and customisable tools, comes a learning curve. It can take a while to get used to Notion, how it works and how to create a workspace that truly helps you be more productive.

That's when Notion templates become super useful for setting up a workspace without any of the hassle or the need to waste time learning. Instead, you can use a template to set up your space and get started, whilst learning how to use Notion on the go.

6 Awesome Notion Templates For Productivity

Let's get right into our list of Notion templates for boosting productivity. First, here's a quick list of what to find in this list.

Thomas Frank Ultimate Brain

Thomas Frank has created an amazing second brain template for Notion to help you manage notes, tasks, projects and goals all in one space.

A second brain is essentially a place to manage all your thoughts, notes and ideas to help turn them into actionable items and something you can and will achieve. Still confused? Learn what a second brain is here.

This template can be added to your existing Notion to create a better and more effective productive space using the second brain methodology.

How The Ultimate Brain Template Boosts Productivity

Here's how using Thomas Frank's second brain template can improve productivity.

  • It creates an all-in-one workspace with a dashboard to see everything from tasks to self-care practices you want to make a habit of.
  • Manage tasks, subtasks and projects here too, you can still use databases and other Notion features to bulk out the workspace.
  • Capture and favourite notes to help organise them inside the second brain template. You can always search for notes and go back in to edit notes.
  • Plan your day with this template, you can add to your to-do lists, your daily journal entries, tasks you need to complete and any reminders.

There are so many other features to Thomas Frank's Ultimate Brain Template, check it out here.

Easlo’s Second Brain Template

This second brain template provides a simple and easy space to manage everything from tasks, projects, notes and more. Easlo creates many really great Notion templates with a minimal and seamless feel.

You can manage and visualise your goals here, capture and organise notes, to-dos and tasks and even manage projects for school or personal life.

Easlo’s Second Brain Template Benefits

Here's why Easlo's second brain template boosts productivity.

  • It uses the PARA method within the second brain methodology, this is basically a way to organise your notes into different sections for projects, areas, resources and archives.
  • You can connect your data together to build up a base for your knowledge. Link up videos and text to projects to help with carrying out tasks and learning.
  • Create a reading list for all the books you want to complete, this is a great way to stay motivated to read and finish those books still on your shelf.
  • Set goals and align them with actionable steps with tasks and subtasks.

You can read more about the features of Easlo's Second Brain Template here.

UnJaded Jade Academic Templates

Jade from the YouTube channel UnJaded Jade creates content for studying, productivity and much more. She also shares all the Notion templates she has used for learning, notes, and capturing thoughts and study in this video.

In the description, you can find all kinds of free Notion templates for class notes, assignments, to-do lists and for living at Uni.

UnJaded Jades Notion Template Recommendations

Here are some of the templates Jade suggests in her video and why they are helpful.

Design Your Year Template by Jules

Jules has created an all-in-one system for planning your year. This aesthetic Notion template gives you space to plan your weeks, set goals and track your progress. You can also further customise and edit the template to suit your own life needs.

How the Design Your Year Template Boosts Productivity

Here's how Jule's Notion template boosts your productivity.

  • Use the yearly and weekly planning sections to create a clear vision of what you want to achieve and which goals you want to set.
  • Connect your weekly and yearly goals to your daily task pages to help create small actionable steps to achieving them.
  • Use the brain dump space to get everything off your mind, you can also take notes and organise them.

To learn more or download the Design Your Year template click here.

Lavendaire's Notion Planner Template

This Notion template is super simple but has everything you need in order to focus on your day, your tasks and your important goals. Lacendaire's template is also free, you just have to add it into your Notion and you can begin using it.

You can customise this template to change with the months, so for example, you can add your monthly goals, daily themes, self-care priorities and much more. There is also a section for your to-do lists and notes.

How Does The Focus V2 Template Boost Productivity?

Here are some of the best features of the Focus V2 Notion template by Lavendaire.

  • It's easy and simple to navigate so there's no learning curve or overwhelming feeling. You can also get it set up right away and begin your planning.
  • The weekly plan is already set, you just need to fill in each section and tick it off when you are done. You can also set a theme for the day, this might be the type of work you are doing or how you want to feel.
  • Add in your important focuses or systems for the week to add extra structure.

To download the Focus V2 Template click here.

Jeff Su's Productive Daily Planner

Jeff has been using Notion for a while now and decided to level up his existing Notion planner to make more sense and have less manual work for updating every couple of weeks.

Jeff goes into tons of detail on how he uses his Notion daily planner on YouTube, but to run through it quickly, the template is essentially everything you need to plan for the week. It contains linked databases for projects and tasks, daily to-do lists, weather forecasts and a 'make time' section.

How does Jeff's Daily Planner in Notion Increase Productivity?

Here are a few reasons why this Notion planner template improves productivity.

  • The daily tasks section can be dragged into completed tasks each day, you can then set new tasks using the automated tasks, which you can also change.
  • The 'Make Time' section is inspired by the book Make Time. Essentially this is a space to create your highlight for the day, the one thing you want to make sure you achieve.
  • Projects and tasks are connected with databases, so within projects, you can see the database of tasks that link to that project.
  • The Template seems like a lot, but it's easy to navigate and is already set up for you to get started with.

To download and read more about Jeff Su's Notion Template, click here.

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