10 Best Productivity Coaches to Follow in 2024

Best Productivity Coaches to Follow

We have gathered the best productivity coaches along with their productivity courses and compiled them into a list. Find new ways to improve productivity to get more done with the help of the best productivity coaches around.

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Finding the best productivity coaches and courses feels like finding a needle in a haystack.

So many individuals are sharing advice and making money through seemingly easy courses that it is hard to pick the right coach for you.

Then when you choose a productivity coach to follow, more pop up and you end up not sticking with one and therefore your productivity hasn't even improved!

Stress no longer. This is why we have gathered the best productivity coaches along with their courses and a little about them to help you choose a coach and stick with them.

All productivity coaches listed here are proven (by us and other great reviews) to be excellent at providing quality information that will implement change.

Best Productivity Coaches to Follow in 2024

If you have landed here you are probably looking for a coach to follow to help improve your productivity going into 2024 and throughout.

You have also probably stumbled across hundreds of productivity gurus, coaches, and courses and feel slightly confused and have no idea where to start.

Within this list you will discover some of the top productivity coaches to follow and learn from, removing the hassle of scrolling and searching and allowing you to get started.

But first let's talk a little about what a productivity coach is, and what they do.

What Does A Productivity Coach Do?

A productivity coach does several things to help you figure out the way you work and how to improve your productivity at home, at work or both.

You can hire a productivity coach to work with one-on-one, or you can follow productivity coaches online and stay up to date with the latest advice and courses they are offering.

This list is for finding a productivity coach to follow for 2024 to help improve your skills.

So, what does a productivity coach do? Let's run through it in points.

  • Help you manage your time better, to make the most of the time you have available.
  • Break down larger goals into doable tasks.
  • Help to reduce overwhelm and increase focus on what's important.
  • Learn new strategies that will work for you.
  • Build systems using applications to create a workflow or plan.
  • Remove any distractions, or things blocking you from being productive.
  • Create and build productive habits that work for you, removing negative ones too.

10 Best Productivity Coaches for 2024

Here's our list of the best productivity experts to follow to improve your productivity. Some of the coaches in this list also have courses and helpful downloadables we will also link.

  1. Mike Vardy - A personal productivity strategist
  2. Marie Kondo - Tidy spaces equals tidy minds
  3. Ali Abdaal - Doctor turned entrepreneur
  4. Tim Ferriss - Productivity expert, advisor, author and more
  5. Marie Poulin - Design your life through systems
  6. Graham Allcott - Founder of Think Productive
  7. Anne-Laure Le Cunff - How to think better and work smarter
  8. Paula Rizzo - Using lists to be productive at work and home
  9. Cal Newport - Best-selling productivity book author
  10. Laura Vanderkam - Author of time management books

As we have said, we have chosen these productivity coaches because we believe they share and hold a lot of valuable knowledge on productivity.

They all provide great information and teach useful skills to a range of individuals.

1. Mike Vardy

A Personal Productivity Expert and Strategist

Mike Vardy the productivity expert and founder of Productivityist.

Mike Vardy is a productivity enthusiast, strategist and expert in all things productivity. He is also the creator and founder of Productivityist, a company focused on helping others create a productive lifestyle and balanced routines.

Mike also writes on his blog and holds a podcast called A Productive Conversation, where he talks with other productivity gurus about their productivity tips and advice.

If you want to test Mike Vardy's knowledge and productivity methods, you can download his free TimeCrafting Starter Kit. Here you can learn personal productivity frameworks to begin implementing into your work and routine.

2. Marie Kondo

To Help You Optimise Your Spaces Through Tidying

Marie Kondo is famous for how she organises space, tidies and gets things done.

You may have heard of Marie Kondo from her TV series "Tidying up with Marie Kondo" where she helps others create tidy and de-cluttered homes with tips and advice.

Marie is also the founder of KonMari Media Inc., a method for helping you de-clutter your home, tidy your space and how not revert to untidy ways. The KonMari method is also all about how tidying can change your life.

Marie Kondo is also the author of "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up". All about how to keep things that spark joy and remove things that do not make you feel so good.

You are probably wondering why this helps with productivity. Well, 41% of people say having a tidy space makes you more productive. Your mind is less cluttered therefore giving you a calmer and motivated mindset.

3. Ali Abdaal

Doctor Turned Entrepreneur, Sharing Productivity Advice

Ali Abdaal is a productivity guru sharing tips and advice on how to optimise productivity and time.

Ali Abdaal is a former doctor, now a YouTuber, entrepreneur, Author and probably more to come. He is also the most searched-for productivity expert, with a following of over 5 million.

Ali creates all kinds of content to help others be more productive and to also share what he has learnt and his journey.

He has now also written a productivity book, Feel Good About Productivity, where he talks about how to energize yourself through the day, and remove blockers and has inserts from other experts and recognized names.

Overall Ali has earned his status as a productivity expert by helping others grow their business, start YouTube channels, study, and master their productivity.

4. Tim Ferriss

Productivity Book Author & Well-Known Productivity Expert

Tim Ferriss is a productivity coach and productivity guru with best-selling productivity books on time management, business and more.

You may have heard of Tim Ferriss due to the many popular productivity and lifestyle books he has written such as "The 4-Hour Work Week" and the tons of videos available on YouTube.

He is also well known for his podcast The Tim Ferriss Show where he speaks with other influential individuals to share advice, chat about life and drop some great motivational quotes.

Amongst all of this, Tim is also an expert in the world of investing and advising, so if you're also interested in boosting productivity and learning in this area, Tim Ferriss could be a great coach to follow.

5. Marie Poulin

How To Design Your Life With Productivity Systems

A Notion expert helping you improve productivity by creating systems you stick with.

Marie Poulin is a productivity expert specialising in the use of Notion to create systems to streamline processes and save time through automation.

Notion seems like a scary thing to get your head around, so Marie shares advice through videos, downloadables and coaching to master your systems and routines to use in business and personal life.

You can take part in the Notion Mastery course to get started with creating systems, learn how Notion works and become a self-certified expert in formulas and creating spaces to work for you.

6. Graham Allcott

Another Productivity Guru and Founder of Think Productive

Graham Allcott is the founder of many productivity books such as Think Productive and How To Be A Productivity Ninja.

Graham Allcott is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and podcast host. He has tons of things you'd want in a productivity coach you want to follow. He shares great advice and helps you better understand how to be productive.

He is also the founder of Think Productive - a way to reimagine your productivity, the way you work, and how to make changes to your lifestyle. You can also take a look at videos, take part in workshops, and much more.

Finally, Graham is the author of How to Be A Productivity Ninja, where you can also take a course and follow the 6 weeks to Ninja programme.

7. Anne-Laure Le Cunff

Teaching You To Think Better and Work Smarter

Anne-Laure Le Cunff helps people think better, learn faster and live a happier lifestyle through productivity tips and more.

Anne-Laure is an educator, writer and researcher of all things productivity and how to become a better person and live a better life.

The techniques Anne-Laure teaches and the advice she gives online are all aimed towards boosting productivity, learning faster and maintaining a healthy mental state. So if you are prone to burnout or quickly feeling overwhelmed, Anne-Laure may be a good coach to follow.

She is also the founder of NessLabs, a place for learning science-based strategies, reading articles, and diving into online courses and downloadable guides. You can also sign up for the weekly newsletter for snippets of helpful information.

8. Paula Rizzo

How To Use Lists To Improve Productivity

Paula is a list-creating expert. Providing tips and advice on how to get productive with lists.

Paula Rizzo is a media expert and trains others to excel within the industry. Along with that, she is also a productivity coach, blogger and author of Listful Living.

Listful Living was created by Paula to help you optimise the use of lists to boost your productivity and reduce stress within work and daily life. You can purchase the book or take part in her online courses to learn more.

Overall, Paula knows her stuff about creating content and being in the media spotlight, so if that's an area you want to be more productive in, this is the perfect match. You can head over to List Producer to find out more.

9. Cal Newport

A Best Selling Productivity Book Author

Cal Newport is a productivity guru. He is also the author of Deep Work and other popular productivity books.

Cal Newport is a computer scientist and best-selling author of several deep work and productivity books. He aims to help you find more depth within life and productivity all whilst navigating a cluttered and distracting world.

Some of his books you may recognise such as Deep Work and Digital Minimalism. Both of these teach you how to increase productivity and create a less stressful life by removing the need for digital tools and toxic emailing.

Cal also writes for academic audiences and is the host of the Deep Questions podcast where you can dive further into deeper questions on work, productivity and digital living.

10. Laura Vanderkam

Author of Great Time Management Books

Laura Vanderkam is a time management expert who has written best-selling time management and productivity books.

Laura Vanderkam is a time management expert. The most important skill to master when it comes to productivity is managing your time better, making Laura a very great productivity coach to follow.

She helps you understand your time better by first identifying where you spent time and then helping you plan your time wisely to fit in all the things you want to do and achieve.

You can download the free Time Makeover Guide here.

Overall, you can find a lot of resources over on her website to help with planning, and making time to do things such as reading and writing, oh and you can sign up for her newsletter for helpful tips in your inbox.

Who is The Most Followed Productivity Expert?

So, of all ten of these productivity gurus, the most followed productivity expert right now is Ali Abdaal.

This is probably because of his strong influence on many social media platforms but mostly thanks to his huge YouTube following of over 5 million people.

That being said, many great productivity coaches and experts with smaller followings or influence can help with different needs and wants within the productivity world.

Which Productivity Coach Should I Follow?

Each productivity coach will provide a different angle to each individual. Choosing who you follow depends on what speaks to you and what feels right for you to follow.

Best For Student Productivity

Ali Abdaal does some great content not only for technology, but for student productivity too. As an ex-doctor the real-life insights in his videos are great for being productive as a student.

Best For Life Organization

You want to follow Marie Kondo because you feel having a tidy space resonates with you, or maybe creating lists is something that you can get along with so you follow Paula Rizzo.

Best For Focus Management

Cal Newport and Anne-Laure are both good experts to follow and recomended when it comes to focus and priority management. Both touch on a lot of research when it comes to better allocating workload and aligning it with science.

Either way, you can check out multiple different people and forms of content, even try out free guides and courses to see who you click best with.

Just be sure to give yourself time to learn and grow from the teachings your chosen productivity coach gives you. Otherwise, you may find yourself feeling conflicted with different advice and not improving anything.

Dozens of apps. One subscription. Only $9.99.

With a single monthly subscription at $9.99, you get 240+ apps for your Mac.

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