4 Best Clover Notes Alternatives: Shutdown Top Picks

Clover Notes Alternatives

Clover Notes was a creative note-taking application with a traditional way to take notes, whiteboard for bringing ideas together & a great design and feel. Sadly, the Clover Notes is being sunset and acquired by Figma - read more about that here.

So, it is our job and painful task of recommending the alternatives to Clover Notes. Clover was a fan favourite amongst visual users which helps us narrow our search, the whiteboard abilities made it a popular productivity notes app for managing ideas or jottings.

Remember to bulk export your information if you were a Clover Notes user by 31st October 2023 or you'll get a scare in the morning, even if it is Halloween.

What makes a great Clover Notes alternative?

Clover Notes helped users use daily notes, whiteboard sketching and note-taking, so that is our criteria for narrowing down our tool search and finding the next perfect notes app for you and your keen visual eye.

Best Clover Notes Alternatives to Choose: Top Picks

Here's our recommendations for Clover Notes replacements and long may they be helpful.

  • 1. FigJam - The people acquiring Clover Notes have an alternative
  • 2. Obsidian - A locally stored notes app with a growing set of features
  • 3. Logseq - Perfect combination of whiteboards and connected notes
  • 4. Milanote - Little like FigJam for balancing projects too

Let's dive into some of the recommendations as we explore them.

1. FigJam

Figma bought Clover Notes so you'll likely see it again with FigJam

FigJam is a whiteboard collaboration tool to manage and organise tasks and projects with teams.
  • Pricing: Free with $3 per month, per user (starter)
  • Platforms: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Web

Is FigJam a good Clover Notes alternative?

Collaborative workspace makes FigJam a great way to add team members and expand your abilities as an alternative for Clover Notes. This is very much designed for teams to collaborate so it won't be a solo application, but you could use it like that.

To be honest, now Figma own Clover Notes and their team - it is likely that FigJam is going to begin looking closer to Clover Notes in function and design because the new team members from Clover will bring their design expertise onboard. The same happened with Sunrise, when Microsoft bought it the design bled into Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

Worth exploring it further down below.

2. Obsidian

Friendly, local alternative to Clover Notes and free too

Obsidian Canvas for all kinds of Obsidian Notes.
  • Pricing: Free with $8 per user optional
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows

Is Obsidian a good Clover Notes alternative?

This is perfect if you want a solo notes app for yourself instead of committing to a team tool like FigJam. I'd recommend looking into how Obsidian works a little more as for a beginner to it, it could be very complicated. Obsidian has Canvas mode allowing you to bring ideas in one space and map them out a little further.

This Clover Notes alternative is very much a killer in the productivity app space with brilliant features wrapped into a premium application with an insane free plan too. Obsidian is only paid once you go and get Sync which allows you to store notes online.

Check out our full breakdown with Obsidian below.

3. Logseq

A very close alternative to Obsidian and Clover Notes too

Logseq, with book notes, title, author and status, notes app
  • Pricing: Free and open-source
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows

Is Logseq a good alternative to Clover Notes?

Much like Obsidian, Logseq brings a bi-directional note-taking application that thousands use to bring ideas together. Much like Obsidian it has a canvas or whiteboard mode for bringing together ideas and thoughts in a visual sense, but like Obsidian - it presents a great Obsidian alternative, but also another Clover Notes alternative to consider.

Explore it further below on Tool Finder.

4. Milanote

A more comprehensive project & whiteboard experience

Create Boards in Milanote, Visual Collaboration
  • Pricing: Free with limits, $12.50 per user, per month
  • Platforms: iOS, macOS, Windows, Android

Is Milanote a good Clover Notes alternatives?

Milanote is more of a project management application than note-taking application but it is one used by many people and can be used for managing ideas, capturing visual notes and more - so people do use it solo. This alternative is actually probably better if you want a blend between FigJam and ClickUp.

There's not as much structure with Milanote but it does bring the ability to manage projects in boards, collect images, links and files in one location and many design and UI teams credit it for bringing together thoughts for collaborative sharing.

Check Milanote out below.

Best Clover Notes Alternative: Which One?

So, let's make our recommend simple to go away with

  • We'd recommend picking FigJam for team note-taking
  • We'd recommend Obsidian for solo use and personal note-taking
  • And Milanote if you're looking for a FigJam alternative with project abilities

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