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Figma has developed a Miro competitor with FigJam, here's how it works and operates:

FigJam Templates, Functions

What is FigJam?

FigJam is a collaborative whiteboard experience developed by the Figma team.

What Does FigJam Do?

FigJam is more than just a whiteboard; it's a comprehensive tool for building better products. It includes features for creating user flows, and processes and utilizing shapes and connectors that snap into the grid.

It's a versatile tool designed primarily for the product community, aiding in the development of onboarding experiences, new user interfaces, and idea management. Teams like Netflix and Spotify use it for its varied collaborative features such as brainstorming with post-it notes on the whiteboard.

This enables real-time interaction among team members, enhancing the user experience and design process. FigJam also excels in managing meetings and workspaces, making interactions like adding photos, playing mini-games, and having cross-functional conversations more engaging than standard video calls.

FigJam, Figma, Sticky Note Ability

The tool supports agile workflows, integrating with apps like Jira and allowing the use of Figma tickets within its interface. This is beneficial for moving sprints forward, conducting stand-ups, and retrospectives, and facilitating other critical discussions.

FigJam is also ideal for strategic and planning management, offering features like graphs, roadmaps, and a wealth of templates - about 300 ready-made ones for various purposes, from project kickoffs to customer journey mapping. This isn't a project management software, but it does have some nice templates for that.

Best Features of FigJam

  • Real-Time Collaboration: FigJam's standout feature is its real-time collaboration capabilities. It allows for audio and live chat interactions, with cursors indicating participant positions and real-time commenting. This creates a dynamic environment that's more collaborative and less constrained than typical meetings. The audio and live chat aspects resemble Slack huddles, fostering quick, emotion-infused responses and making meetings more interactive and focused.
  • Intelligent Features: FigJam offers a range of artificial intelligence features. For example, JamBot assists in brainstorming ideas, using AI to transform prompts into several concepts. Another beta feature is the template generator, which creates custom templates based on user needs, leveraging the extensive template library within FigJam and AI technology.
  • Versatile Sketching and Template Abilities: On iPad, FigJam's sketching abilities shine, allowing detailed interaction using an Apple Pencil. It includes features like a timer, lo-fi hip hop music for ambiance, flowcharts, voting, and emotional expression tools. The templates are easily accessible and user-friendly, even on the iPad, making it simple to start a session.

How much does FigJam cost?

FigJam offers a free version but starts at $3 per month.

With access to three collaborative design files and unlimited personal drafts. The professional plan, providing unlimited Figma files, FigJam files, open sessions, audio conversations, voting, team libraries, and more, starts at $3 per month (billed annually) or $5 month-to-month.

FigJam Pricing

Viewers can access FigJam environments for free. For organizations, the cost is £5 per month, offering greater customization and organizational-wide content management. Students and educators can access FigJam for free.

Verdict: Who is FigJam For?

FigJam is ideal for product teams and those involved in visual experience development.

FigJam, Idea Management Planning

It's suitable for teams of various sizes, helping to visualize ideas and collaborate effectively. FigJam focuses more on the product design and creative community, offering a more streamlined experience compared to more generalized tools like Miro.

Best FigJam Alternatives

Good alternatives to FigJam include Miro and Milanote.

Miro caters to larger or more general-focused teams, while Milanote is better for solo or small team organization, particularly in creative aspects, though it doesn't offer the same level of collaborative functionality as FigJam.

Clean Design

FigJam is super nice to use and allows for better and easy collaboration with team members.


Developed by Figma meaning popular with visual creatives and designers for bringing ideas to life.

Meeting Idea Hub

Becoming popular for running meetings and taking ideas down like apps like Miro and Mural.

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