Clover Notes Shuts Down Officially

17th Aug, 2023

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Clover App - Shuts Down

In some shock news, Figma have acquired Clover - a productivity app that focused on notes, tasks and their whiteboards experience for managing personal productivity.

In the hunt to replace

What was Clover?

Clover allowed you to manage your notes, tasks and whiteboards - a little like an Obsidian alternative with a slightly more mainstream feel. Clover was first seen in 2020 by the Keep Productive team and impressed them early on with the combination of design and features.

Clover App, Figma, Note-Taking

Clover was popular for designers and visual thinkers for taking notes and visualising ideas on whiteboards, similar to how services like Milanote and Scrintal work.

What did Clover look like?

This is a little window into the Clover application and what it offered for note-taking, tasks and managing ideas with whiteboards. This was a popular application for designers.

The application was famed for connecting notes, smooth note-taking abilities, clean design and a featured called Surfaces for visually planning ideas in front of you.

Figma Buys Clover

Website Statement: Figma buys Clover

The news is in. Figma have acquired Clover - assuringly for acqui-hire. Already recommending FigJam, there alternative to Clover for meeting whiteboard management. The last date that users can bulk export will be October 31st 2023. All data will be destroyed after this date. Sad to see them go, but interesting to see the talent move on.

Clover Alternatives

Many other Clover alternatives that have a combination of notes, tasks & whiteboards would be the following recommendation or you can explore all our tools on Tool Finder.

These will get you to where you want to be in terms of Clover alternatives.

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