Spike wants to be your base for docs, meetings & email

21st Jun, 2023

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Spike for Teams - Email Meetings and Chat in One Place

Spike has been a place for email conversation for many years with an alternate approach to many other email applications on how to handle and manage your daily email.

Now it wants to expand into the team collaborative market - with docs, email, meetings and more in one place - a direct attempt to battle apps like Zoom with their recent releases.

What's New with Spike?

Very simply, Spike have consolidated their experience - making it easier to manage your team as a collective for documents, meetings (video) and even chat - alongside what they already know as their bread and butter, email management.

Here's a list of the latest additions and things you'll be able to do in the new Spike teams:

  • Custom Email Domain - Spike for teams wants to connect to your existing business email domain or give you one as @Spike.com much like Hey Email.
  • Magic Messaging - AI-powered email messaging experiences that you have seen in apps like Spark Mail - for helping with writing notes, emails and more.
  • Video Meetings - for team chat and both video and audio meetings in Spike.
  • Collaborative Docs - Spike has long had documents, but this extends for teams now.
  • Channels & Groups - segregate conversations into channels and groups for depts.

Who is Spike Teams for?

Spike for teams is good for businesses that are small to medium size in nature, and according to Spike, teams who benefit best from it are agencies, law firms, IT firms and development agencies and more who want to base their team comms in one place.

They believe that bringing together collaboration will save teams lots of money and time. According to their research this can cost businesses an average of $12,506 per employee annually and lose them up to 5 hours a week going between various apps.

Interested in Spike Teams?

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