Cron launches Notion integration

29th Jun, 2023

Reading time: 2 minutes

Cron Calendar Adds Notion Pages

First off, if you're not yet aware, Notion acquired Cron Calendar back in 2022. Cron Calendar is now a free, publicly available calendar app for web, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

What is Cron Calendar?

Now, we've got Cron covered. What's the new launch that they've introduced with Notion?

New Features in Cron Calendar

Essentially the new Cron features are focused on event attachments meaning you can attach new Notion pages and much more into your calendar events, pre-meeting.

Cron Calendar, Notion Pages

This is perfect for those who want to create meetings and hook it up to Notion each time. Here's a quick rundown of the features you can gain from using Cron and Notion now:

  • Create meeting notes from Cron instantly in the correct Notion database.
  • Create new notes in a database of your choice
  • Invite people and grant them access to Notion pages within Cron
  • Get event notifications with all the links
  • Connect links like Figma and others to each event attachment

Cron Alternatives

Other tools have been able to do this for a few monthly, two notable ones to mention are Magical and HyperCal for create meeting notes in Notion from calendar.

How it works in Cron Calendar

Let's explore the feature and how you can get access to it in Cron.

1. Connect Cron with Notion

You can connect up Cron to Notion with the integration - this will allow you to connect to the correct Notion workspace, perfect for saving notes right into the correct database.

Cron and Notion, Connected Notion Page

2. Request Access to Notion

All you need to do is read permissions and approve. Remember Notion own Cron, so this is like an inter-company integration to some extent but always read the permissions.

Cron and Notion Connection Page

3. Create or Connect a New Notion Page

You can create and connect any existing Notion pages by searching them or connecting a new one - hooking up the database too in Notion for easy keepsakes.

Cron Calendar, Notion Pages

4. Event Notifications with Meeting Notes

These will pop up and direct you on web into the Notion application, perfect.

Event Notifications, Notion Cron Event Attachments

5. Add Figma Files to Cron Calendar

Doesn't stop at Notion - the new Cron event attachments are from day one.

Connecting Figma Links to Cron Calendar