Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Milanote: Get Started

Milanote - Ultimate Beginner-s Guide

Milanote is a visual organisation tool, great for creatives and those who prefer to see everything in one place, rather than collected into lists and folders. With Milanote you can add images, links, files, text and more to create a board view of all your thoughts.

What is Milanote?

Milanote is a visual and creative note-taking application for a wide range of use cases. Designers use Milanote to map out ideas, collaborate on the whiteboard and discuss visions. Marketing teams use Milanote to organise campaigns in a visual way. Writers can even use Milanote to map out their stories and ideas.

Milanote is a very versatile app, that uses boards, notes, to-dos and images all in one connected space. Here's a useful insight into how Milanote works.

Beginner's Guide to Milanote

Here are some key features of Milanote, the creative, visual note-taking app for everyone.

1. Visual Organisation

Milanote is built for visual organisation. Users can use a range of different features and tools to create boards full of visions, ideas, thoughts, projects and a whole lot more.

Use things like cards, images, text boxes, lists, comments and links to create a creative workspace suited to your needs.

All boards and cards and things can be connected together inside a space, this helps link ideas and helps to make sense of what you have written down.

2. Collaborative Abilities

Milanote allows teams to collaborate together in real-time on projects and ideas. You can use the whiteboard to draw and create something together, visually seeing what each other is doing in real time.

You can also leave comments in spaces for people to respond to, add members to specific spaces and finally, you can always publish and share your boards online to show your work and announce projects.

3. Milanote Web Clipper

The Milanote web clipper is a tool for adding in your findings from the web. Obviously. It's an essential tool for those studying, or in the creative process as it adds references, and links, and gives inspiration to anyone else using the boards.

Just find a link you want to add, insert it into your Milanote workspace, rearrange, and connect notes and lists and there you go.

Learn how to install and use the Milanote web clipper here.

4. Milanote Mobile App

Save inspiration, images, notes and more using the Milanote mobile app. You do however need to use the desktop version to further organise your findings into boards, and cards and connect them together.

This is useful for on-the-go ideas since they can crop up at any time. Using the Milanote app allows you to always have somewhere to jot down some notes to later organise and make sense of.

5. Connected Thoughts & Ideas

Milanote can also be used to connect thoughts and ideas in one space. Since you can have a limitless area to add images, links, to-dos, notes and whatever else you need, you can create somewhere for ideas and inspiration to flow and connect.

This is why creatives enjoy this app, like designers, writers and artists. You can have one idea and link the two together in an open whiteboard-type space to help inspiration flow.

Who Best Suits Milanote?

Milanote is perfect for those within creative industries, it's also just a great app for personal use for those who would rather unload their thoughts and ideas in a more creative and expressive way.

Teams can use Milanote to manage projects, writers can use it to plan stories, or it can just be used for the creative process with tools like the whiteboard, storyboards and more.

Want to learn more about how to get started with Milanote? Check out their video on Youtube.