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Going full Notion means getting your wallpaper updated.

With Apple's Focus Modes in iOS 16 you can set this to work only, don't worry, so you can continue to keep a picture of a loved one on your personal mode, as not to get in trouble.

We'll keep this page updated as we they add additional free Notion wallpapers.

Notion Free Wallpaper, Education Version, Mac

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iPhone & Android: Classic

  • LoFi Girl: here.
  • Girl on Laptop: here.
  • Simple home: here.
  • Coffee brews: here.
  • Girl with Post-Its: here.
  • Looking Docs: here.
  • Focused Work: here.
  • All alternative colours: here.
iPhone Wallpaper, Free Notion


  • Teacher Teaching: here.
  • Your Notion home: here.
  • Cat in Background: here.
  • A simple potted flower: here.

Created by Thomas Frank, this is very popular for creating a second brain in Notion.

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