Every Productivity App Giulia from Studytme Uses

What Productivity App Giulia Studytme Uses

A few months ago, we stopped by on Giulia's popular Twitch channel to discuss productivity tools and apps for productive study. Giulia also shared a bit more about her sessions for focused work and how she runs them.

These are the productivity tools she uses to organize her work and how she uses them:

Task Management App: Giulia's Pick

We discussed Akiflow with Giulia on our Twitch stream many months ago, but she swears by the productivity tool for managing her workload. She handles her daily to-do list and merges it with her emails and calendar to pour everything into one location.

Akiflow is a popular tool for consolidating tasks, calendar and email into one base.

Project Management: Giulia's Pick

For her planning project management, Notion is her go-to tool. This helps her plan her Twitch content calendar, helps to launch smaller landing pages and plan projects ahead. Think of Notion as her flexible base for all her workloads.

Idea Capture: Giulia's Pick

GoodNotes is her final string in her bow.

She uses it to take random notes and craft sketches. During her day, we're guessing many content ideas and visual thoughts come into her mind, so something like GoodNotes is the perfect place to organize them.

She's a real advocate of few tools, so she's not distracted and GoodNotes helps to make notes as she goes on what matters in a canvas-like experience.

Watch Giulia's Productive Workspace

If you haven't followed Giulia's popular Twitch channel then check it out, meanwhile, this is her recent YouTube video covering how she organizes her space.