Meet the New Smart Calendar On The Block: Mayday Calendar

8th Nov, 2023

Reading time: 2 minutes

Mayday Calendar AI Launches

Mayday Calendar is a new smart AI calendar app that wants to be your assistant. The Mayday team announced their public beta today, allowing people into the application to trial the experience with premium pricing likely coming later down the line.

Looking for a full in-depth review of Mayday, check out below:

Who are Mayday Labs?

Mayday Calendar are Toronto, Canada based startup trying to change the future of calendar by bringing AI to the forefront. Mayday Labs was founded in 2018 and founders are Jeremy Bell and Brian Faber.

Mayday Calendar AI Learning

Their vision is to try and make calendar more like a human-assistant to managing your time by learning how you use a calendar experience.

What makes Mayday Calendar different

Let's explore why Mayday presents itself as different to other calendar apps:

1. AI Learning

Mayday takes sometime to learn from you but learns from your edits, tag use and everything you do in calendar to make the experience more automated.

2. Protecting Calendar

There's a host of features that want to better protect your times. Calendar Shield is one of them and something that apps like Rise Calendar have been trying to do better with.

3. Powerful Settings

One of the things we noted in our Mayday review was the abilities when it comes to managing your settings and optimising your calendar around your typical day.

Protecting Time with Calendar Shield in Mayday Calendar

Is Mayday for you?

If you're in the hunt for an AI assistant for a calendar, this is one of the better ones out there. There are many of them trying to do similar things, but housed in a decent calendar and tasks environment, an interesting tool for 2024.

Explore Mayday in our full in-depth review here:

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