Dropbox Dash doesn't want to fight Notion, Jira & Asana

22nd Jun, 2023

Reading time: 2 minutes

Dropbox Dash Browser - Dash AI Powered Search

Dropbox Dash is a new AI feature that expands Dropbox much further, as the title states they are eager to embrace the productivity tools round then like Notion, Asana and more.

AI Powered Search with Dropbox Dash

It all stems from their universal search function, let's break down this in human terms. 😉

Dropbox Dash: Basics

Now Dropbox introduced some new AI functions within Dropbox PDFs and documents, but I'd like to focus on the abilities within Dropbox Dash - which is sort of the same thing.

Dropbox believes that you have 100 tabs open in Chrome, maybe this is one of those. Everything you use - Notion docs and Airtable etc - and much more. Dropbox wants to solve this with their dash experience. It is so true.

All your tabs, all in one place. That's Dropbox's new motto with their AI-powered search bar and this lives as a browser extension. Yes, they want to work with Notion and others, not against them, making them a new, better management system for tabs and search.

This lives as a single dashboard for viewing stacks, getting shortcuts and using the search. This will help you save time navigating to certain pages and experiences. You can tell we live in 2023, when Dropbox now becomes a competitor to Raycast overnight.

Smart Collections or Stacks

This new feature is a neat way to create collections that are based on a topic. This helps you kick off a task when certain tabs correlate to the same thing. So you can open the tabs that require your focus, versus skimming through them with each new context switch.

Dropbox Dash, Smart Collections

Start Page

This is a homepage to your day's work, with everything you need at a glance. For your next meeting on Google Calendar to your next piece of work, an interesting take on the day's assistant that many will be envious of as it pools together other productivity tools.

Dash Dropbox, Start Page

Dash Answers

This is a new AI powered add-on to the Dropbox Dash experience which will provide answers based on everything you've got connected to Dropbox Dash making it a more smooth and focused experience. Similar to what Google wants to do with Duet AI.

Dropbox Dash, AI Answers

Here's the announcement video