What's Coming to Clear 2?

22nd Jun, 2023

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Clear 2 - List Management App

Clear 2 shows off the new look, but it isn't launch day yet.

This leaked Product Hunt launch shows new changes to the Clear list management application, well-known in the space for over 10 years, getting a slight facelift and improved icons, gestures and features.

This left a few clues in the air to what is coming for the list management app.

Accidental Product Hunt Launch

The release from the Product Hunt shares a few hints:

  • New Features
  • Gestures
  • Colourful Themes
  • Customizable Gestures
  • Icons/Logo Options

Right now, the tool is locked under a waitlist on their website.

Clear 2 App, Leak

Team Statement

A team statement from the team on Product Hunt page.

Hi all, thank you so much for supporting this launch, however today is not the actual launch day!!!! I accidentally left this scheduled for today. (I'm going to call out some questionable UI too – Product Hunt forces you to schedule an upcoming launch, and only within the next 28 days.) But um, this is encouraging for when we actually release and I'm grateful to see the support here 🫶 Reached out to PH on twitter to see if we can unlaunch this or something.

We're expected to see the Clear 2 launch fully in 2023.

What is Clear?