Arc Browser Launches 1.0 For Everyone

24th Jul, 2023

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Arc Browser - Extensions, Boosts in Tabs

Arc Browser wants to be your home for browsing Google, YouTube & everything internet. Today, they remove their waitlist to the up-and-coming browser and introduce Arc Browser 1.0 to the world - meaning now, anyone can download Arc Browser 1.0 with no waitlist.

Arc Browser is a browser for personalisation allowing you to customise look of everything from Gmail to YouTube with boost gallery, extensions and a more clean, refreshing way to browse. It is currently available on macOS and iPhone with more to come.

CEO of Arc Browser Joshua Miller is excited for the launch along with the Arc team as they have been building this for some time now.

“Arc v1.0 is an exercise in wondering, ‘What is the iPhone moment for the internet?’ We can’t wait to share this dream with the world.”

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What's New with Arc Browser?

Now Arc Browser is in 1.0, let's go over what they released in their last few weeks to cover the announcements you might have missed.

Browsing YouTube with Arc Browser, Google Chrome Competitor
  • New Toolbar - an opt-in feature that allows you to blend the background with any screen. Perfect for stealth-mode internet browsing.
  • PiP for Google Meet - perfect for video conferencing whilst browsing or working.
  • Site Control Center - quic access to everything with boosts and extensions.
Using Toolbar in Arc Browser

Wait, what is Arc Browser?

Did you miss what Arc Browser is? This is a fantastic overview of how Arc Browser works and what it offers against conventional browsers like Google Chrome and more.