Best Productivity Apps for iPhone

Best Productivity Apps for iPhone

If you are someone looking for productivity apps for your iPhone, we have a great list of useful apps you will enjoy using. All of the following apps work perfectly to boost iPhone productivity, meaning you always have productivity on the go.

Best iPhone Productivity Apps

Here's our best picks for iPhone optimise productivity apps:

iPhone productivity apps can help if you're someone who works with a team and has their own business, a student who needs to manage their time better, or just an individual who wants to procrastinate less and do more with their time.

Let's get into more detail about the best productivity apps for iPhone.

Easy To Use Calendar For iPhone Productivity

The Basics of Timepage

Timepage by Moleskine is a super sleek and easy-to-use calendar application for your iPhone. Integrate with your other calendars to sync everything into one convenient place.

You can also see weather forecasts, maps, contacts and even call an Uber with Timepage. Timepage also allows you to choose themes and colours to enjoy the app even more.

The only thing with Timepage is after the free trial you will have to pay to use the whole app, which may be worth it if you decide it helps boost your iPhone productivity.

Moleskine TImepage Calendar View, with Events Coming Up

Why is Timepage Calendar Best For iPhone Productivity?

Timepage is a wonderfully sleek calendar application to use on your iPhone because the user experience along with the integration of calendars and contacts makes it great.

  • Use the timeline view to see all upcoming events, great for visualising your day.
  • Custom themes create a space you enjoy, and you can also change colours depending on tasks. For example, have personal tasks in pink and work in blue.
  • Weather forecasts for each day so you can plan for what to wear or where to go.
  • Notifications for the weather and travel time to know when to leave and if it's going to rain when you get there.
  • Linear time view shows your day in time blocks, another great way to visualise your day and see where your free time is.
  • Integrates with maps to assist with travel to help with including travel times and planning when to leave.
  • Great calendar app to plan and organise events, otherwise you have to try and remember everything, which is never a good idea.
  • Set reminders for due dates and schedules to also assist with never forgetting a thing.

Overall, it's a good idea to have a calendar application to help with all your events, to-dos, routines, appointments and more, all in one place. You may have other calendars with details already inside, just connect with Timepage and you're all set.

Best Fast Email App For iPhone Productivity

The Basics of Superhuman

Superhuman is a super fast emailing experience perfect for those on to go with lots of clients, team members or other reasons for sending and receiving tons of mail.

Superhuman uses AI to help write emails, another fast feature to quickly send well-written emails to clients, professionals or maybe even your doctor if you're running late.

It's said you claim back four hours per week of productivity time by using a fast email client like Superhuman. It also has a really nice interface and feel while using the app.

Email Snippets, Superhuman Clips, Clipboard

Why is Superhuman The Best Email App For iPhone?

Having a fast emailing application can benefit users in a range of ways, the biggest benefit is saving time and getting more stuff done. Here's how Superhuman helps.

  • Connect your existing Gmail or Outlook account to quickly set up Superhuman.
  • Use AI to write entire emails to match your voice and tone to save time and help with writer's block.
  • Automatically triage important emails so they are always ready to view in one place, like spam but the opposite.
  • Split inboxes to sort emails from personal, unimportant, to high priority so you can focus your time in one place.
  • Follow-up reminders to send another email at the right time. Perfect for freelancers pitching to clients.
  • Type less with automated phrases to add to emails, this helps with quickly responding to generic messages or acknowledging an email.
  • See when recipients have read your emails to get an idea of when they will reply and to know they have actually received it.
  • Schedule events straight from your emails to save time and reduce the need to go between apps.

Superhuman works great on iPhone, but best on desktop, you can sync and use both.

Superhuman offers much more, you can check out other features on their website too. Overall, having a super-fast email client really improves the productivity of business owners, freelancers and busy people.

Best iPhone Productivity App For Daily Scheduling

The Basics of Sorted 3

Sorted 3 allows you to combine your tasks, calendar and events into one streamlined place to then create the best routine and schedule for you to help boost productivity.

See everything that needs to get done for the day in a beautiful timeline view, great for visual thinkers and those who need a bigger picture for time management.

You can also use widgets on your iPhone screen to set reminders, see what's next or have an overview of your task list so you can tick it off as you go.

Sorted 3 on iPhone, Showing Lists and Tasks

Why Sorted 3 is a Good iPhone Productivity App

Sorted 3 is a wonderful iPhone productivity app that helps you manage and organise all events and tasks into the perfect schedule for you.

  • Uses hyper-scheduling to organise your timeline and minimise stress, this means it helps you organise events into the best times.
  • Quickly and easily drag and drop events to move around the timeline on your iPhone to manage your day.
  • The time it takes to complete a task is measured in your daily plan, you can track time, and be sure you have enough time.
  • Easily see where your free time lies to plan extra things or keep it free, this is also helpful when scheduling meetings.
  • Provides a flexible and enjoyable experience to manage your daily routines, helping create better habits for productivity.

Overall, Sorted 3 is another one of those easy-to-use applications with a nice look and feel to it. You will have to upgrade if you want to access the Pro Sorted features.

Best Minimal iOS To-Do List App for iPhone Productivity

The Basics of Things 3

Things 3 is a super minimal, clean and easy-to-use task management app for your iPhone. It looks and feels great to use, making the whole experience more enjoyable.

Things 3 helps you plan your day, manage your tasks and manage your time all in one place. You can brain-dump your ideas and organise them later and create a schedule for your day by creating lists of to-dos and different folders for different topics.

Connect Things 3 with your Apple Watch if you have one, to further boost your productivity and receive reminders of tasks that need completing, and tick them off as you go.

Things 3 App, MacOS and IPhone Version, Showing Task List and Today Area

Why is Things 3 The Best To-Do List App For iPhone?

Things 3 is more than just a simple to-do list app, it's also a simple project management and daily planning app too.

  • Add detailed to-dos with images and extra notes to help better visualise what you need to get done.
  • Create a project and then add smaller steps inside to help to keep you motivated and easily achieve the end goal.
  • Create different areas for tasks and to-dos to keep everything separate, this helps with organising your app and your mind.
  • Use Today view to see everything you need to get done today, this helps prepare your mind and remove the clutter.
  • Upcoming lists help you plan and prepare for the day, choose what you want to add in or save for another day.
  • Integrate with your calendar to see all events, always handy when calendars may already be populated.
  • Use widgets on your iPhone home screen for reminders and motivation.

Overall, Things 3 is a great place to plan your daily to-dos and larger projects to better organise your time and get things done. It's especially great for iPhone productivity with the ability to add widgets to your home screen.

Best Digital Rolodex For iPhone Productivity

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The Basics of Clay

Think of Clay as a better version of LinkedIn, a place to hold all your important connections and connections that might matter again at some point in the future.

Clay uses AI to create a well-connected experience with everyone you have ever worked with, connected with, or have in your contacts. Clay will automatically populate important information such as photos, birthdays, the last time you spoke, social profiles and more.

This app is great if you are wanting to improve your networking. Clay can suggest contacts to help further your work or business depending on what you're doing. It basically brings up the right people at the right time.

Why Do I Need A Digital Rolodex for iPhone Productivity?

Clay creates a digital Rolodex inside your device to help you manage all your contacts and connections from apps like LinkedIn and Twitter.

But what is a Rolodex? It's essentially a place where you store all the contact details of anyone you ever work with or come into contact with, before it became digital, this was made on a roll of cards. People in business, freelancers and other professionals will have these so when the time comes they have the details for a specific person.

  • Have all your contacts and professional links stored and always updated in one place. People may change email addresses and phone numbers over time.
  • Clay helps deepen and improve relationships to further network yourself with updates on when to contact someone and birthdays.
  • Set reminders for when to contact and follow up with people, this is great for reaching out to clients.
  • Add notes to contacts to remember specific moments or key points, great if you have had meetings or brainstorming ideas with this person.
  • Add people to groups to all talk together and organise events and projects.

Overall, Clay is a very sleek and enjoyable experience for those who want to stay up to date with all their contacts and keep their networking up to date. It's a really neat little app with tons of abilities and features inside, perfect for networking.

Great Focus and Background Music for iPhone Productivity

The Basics of Vibes by Not Boring

Vibes by Not Boring is a really interesting focus music application that uses hundreds of different soundscapes from the creator's favourite games to follow along with your productivity levels.

If you are focusing you can choose focus music, if you need a bit of a boost, the music can pick up slightly. Overall, it's a great, gamified application to help improve your productivity and promote a deeper level of focus for working.

You can also just listen to soundscapes in everyday life, the music will change along with your activity and help keep you calm whilst travelling, going about your day and working.

Vibes music for relaxation that changes with your mood and activity.

How Does Vibes by Not Boring Promote Better iPhone Productivity?

Vibes helps keep you in the moment and focus your attention on what matters rather than focusing attention on things that distract you, like scrolling on your phone.

  • Uses different music from video games to help keep you in focus. The creators of this tool have used thousands of gamified sounds in this app.
  • Music changes with your activity and feels like a video game, so when you get up, the music picks up the pace.
  • You are still having fun, but focusing on your tasks at the same time. Which helps you stay within the flow of focus.
  • Provides music from the moment you wake up, to when you fall asleep. Helpful for creating a smoother day and better sleep.
  • No abrupt sound shifts or changes to make sure you stay in the flow because sometimes you waste time finding new focus sounds.

A focus music application can be really helpful for those who need that background noise but don't want something too intrusive. This app is also great for those who enjoy the type of music you get in video games, adding that element of fun to your focus.

How Did We Pick These Apps?

The apps we have chosen all meet the following criteria for boosting iPhone productivity.

  • Fast for iOS - Apps need to be fast, otherwise, you lose the enjoyment of using them, and productivity needs to be convenient. Slow apps slow time.
  • Easy to Use - The iPhone productivity apps we have chosen are all easy to use and navigate, you don't always want a huge learning curve when wanting to boost productivity.
  • Look and Feel Good - To enhance the enjoyment of using an iPhone productivity app, they need to look and feel great. Meaning the aesthetic and user experience is just right.

With that being said, here are six of the best productivity apps for iPhone, all with a great aesthetic, ease of use and a definite boost of productiveness.

So, What Productivity Apps For iPhone Do I Need?

Of course, it all depends on what you use your iPhone for and how advanced you want your iPhone productivity to be. You might fall into either A or B below.

  • A) For those who are freelancers, entrepreneurs or working from their phones a lot, you will probably want a whole stack of productivity tools to make your life easier and your processes more streamlined.
  • B) If you are just wanting to better organise your life, events and tasks, you can keep it more minimal to not overwhelm yourself with endless apps, (because there are so many to choose from).

If you identify with A, a busier person with lots of connections, emails, events, and tasks, you will want to make sure you have a super fast email tool like Superhuman and a great tasks and projects tool like Things 3. Alongside that, a calendar app like Timepage will help organise your calendar. An app such as Clay will then further help with connections and networking by keeping everyone's details up to date.

If you identify with B, someone who just needs help with managing daily tasks, routines and the odd focus period, apps such as Sorted 3 can help create a great daily routine with tons of flexibility. Vibes can assist with focusing deeper on tasks and work and just in general creating a good flow for the day, and again Things 3 is an easy-to-use minimal tasks application to jot down things you need to do and remember.