Not Boring Vibes

Not Boring Vibes

What is Not Boring Vibes?

Vibes is a soundtrack and music application to help you focus better, improve sleep quality and relax. It uses a fluid range of sounds that adjust to your movement and energy levels.

You can set timers with Vibes, kind of like a Pomodoro timer to help you focus, you can also set the music to your energy level or how deep you would like to focus on your work.

Overall, Vibes is a really clever focus application with a never-ending soundtrack of music that changes with your movement and productivity. All are based on sounds from games.

Key Features of Not Boring Vibes

Here are some key features of Vibes, the focus soundtrack application by Not Boring Apps.

  • Music inspired by video games and composed to its never-ending and never abrupt.
  • Music changes to enhance your skills and movement, like it would in a game.
  • Understands your wake and sleep times to create personalised background music.
  • Senses your movement and adapts the music to change and match energy levels.
  • Use Airpods to achieve spatial audio for a more immersive experience.
  • Shake the device to shuffle music, and set energy levels and timers.

Who is Vibes Best Suited For?

Vibes is for personal use to enhance the user's focus when working, or just to keep a calm state of mind. If you are someone who senses your mind wondering a lot, music can help centre it back in.

Vibes is not too expensive, you can pay a small yearly fee to keep using the app. It's also easy to use, all you have to do is open the app, tap to begin and the music will start.

Focus Music

Vibes has a continuous flow of music for relaxing, focus, and sleep.

Spatial Audio

When used with Airpods, Vibes uses Spatial Audio to give you a better more immersive experience.

Fluid Sound

The music in this app is composed from thousands of soundtracks so it's constantly changing and never boring.

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