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Clay CRM Review (2024)

Best Features, Pricing, Alternatives & Verdict

Clay wants to be the like Linkedin & CRM combined. By managing your relationships and keeping the contacts updated and like a rolodex for your contacts.

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What is Clay?

Clay is a personal CRM tool for managing your relationships in one place.

What does Clay do?

Clay wants to handle all the communication in one location.

Whilst this isn't a traditional CRM tool, what it is, is an interesting tool for managing emails, communication and funneling them into one place. Clay wants to be better bring together your communication from sites like Gmail, Linkedin, SMS and beyond.

Clay for CRM personal

Best Features inside Clay

Here's the best bits of Clay and whether it makes a connection with you:

  • Home Feed - see a feed of communications and updates that have been posted across all the networks that your network are connected to.
  • Reminders - perfect for setting reminders when to follow-up with people and keep communication with that person fresh and up-to-date.
  • Beautiful UX - the Clay app is one of the nicest to use in terms of iOS and macOS apps

How much does Clay cost?

Here's the latest pricing for Clay for managing contacts.

Clay App Pricing

Verdict: Is Clay worth your money and time?

Clay is worth it if you spend your time managing relationships and want a better way to do that in one location. But if you don't do this day-to-day, you might not need it.

Clay better allows for you to capture people you meet and bring it together in one place, then allows you, better than Linkedin to keep relationship connected with that person you added to the account. Ideal for making notes, resurfacing them and coming back to groups for better management of people.

Compared to others Clay is very much a lightweight CRM system, more of overviewing than fully organizing and producing productivity workflows. If you're a VC, or someone who can notable connect your income to people, this could be a great way to handle this.

The perfect assistant for networking events and everything.

Best Clay Alternatives

More common and general CRM tools include the Folk and Pipedrive.

Relationship Rolodex

The Clay app allows users to track the strength and status of their business relationships, making it easier to prioritise important contacts and follow up when necessary.


The Clay app is designed to be simple and easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to add, edit, and search for contacts.

Search Abilities

The app provides search and filtering features that make it easy to find specific contacts and information quickly, saving time and increasing productivity.

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