Beginner’s Guide to the Bento Methodology

The Bento Methodology

The Bento Methodology. A system for doing less but more meaningful tasks, without distraction and procrastination. The Bento method helps reduce overwhelm and maximises what you can get done. It's not here to replace or take over any existing methods for managing tasks and to-dos but to simply assist and complement them.

The Bento Method

The Bento Methodology is comprised of three main sections. To pack up your bento box full of tasks, decide a flow for working through the tasks, and for figuring out the best way to focus on each task.

1. Pack

First, we have Pack. This section makes you prioritise the three most important tasks for the day, or week depending on how you're using the method.

  • Small - First there are the small tasks, these don't require too much energy and can be classed as small wins, a little boost to get you started.
  • Medium - Medium tasks require slightly more energy and focus but don't need your entire attention to get done.
  • Large - Finally, larger tasks are the ones that take longer and require the most energy, time and focus with little to no distractions.

2. Flow

Next, we have Flow. This is where you choose which order you are going to work through your small, medium and large tasks for the day. There are a few methods to go off.

  • Eat That Frog - Taken from the book by Brian Tracey, this way of working comprises focusing on the most important task, which would be the largest task, and working your way down to the smallest task. For this one, you'll want to feel the most energised in the morning and evenly spend your energy throughout the day, finishing on an easy win.
  • Climb The Summit - This gives a more balanced approach to working. Spreading out your energy throughout the day. Starting with the medium task, something you can do with medium energy and focus, moving on to the large task, giving it your all, and ending on the small task.
  • Slow Burn - Starting with the smallest tasks, to medium then finishing with the largest task. This is perfect if you haven't got the right energy first thing in the morning but it builds during the day.

3. Focus

Then we have focus, this is where you use different philosophies for better focus during your working sessions.

The Bento Methodology works with the One Task Mind philosophy. Meaning you block out all distractions and focus on one task at a time. You enter a deeper state of focus per task and avoid switching or getting distracted with procrastination.

Here are some suggested criteria for focusing on tasks.

  • Small Tasks - These tasks should take around 15-30 minutes and only require a minimal amount of focus. For example, this might be clearing emails, doing admin, or maybe something self-care like journaling or meditation.
  • Medium Tasks - Medium tasks should take around 45-60 minutes and require a balanced level of focus and little distraction. For example, these tasks might be sorting out social media, having a large meeting, or finishing off a project.
  • Large Tasks - These are the most intense and creative tasks, needing the most amount of time you have from 90+. This could be writing a report, filming and editing a video, or writing large articles and delivering projects.

The Bento App

You don't have to use the Bento app, or any app to use this methodology. You could just use a simple piece of paper if you wanted.

However, of course, there is an app for it.

The Bento app allows you to create Bento boxes for your three tasks per day, or use the boxes to plan your weeks, months and year goals.

Everything you need to practice this method is inside the app.

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