Notion just launched New Creator Hub for Templates

22nd Jun, 2023

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Notion New Gallery Templates

Notion claims over 5,000+ templates have been added and we can believe that. Notion templates have gone wild over the last few years for making creators money and expanding the opportunity for the world of Notion and the Notionverse, if that's a thing.

But how can I get in on this and how can create my own Notion template?

Notion's new gallery looks fantastic. It organize Notion templates into a better format - for categories to find the right one for your situation and also allows for better articles that surround a certain topic like using Notion for Projects or even for personal Notion use.

Notion Template Gallery, Best Place to Find Notion Templates

This will allow users to find templates for Notion whether they are paid or free.

You will need to submit a form to get your Notion template up and on the new gallery. This form includes building a little creator profile on yourself helping you list individual templates and also building some back link about who you are, your site and your skills with Notion.

Notion Templates, Notion Template Gallery

There's a way to get featured on Notion templates, you create a profile and Notion's team will or could add it to their article formats or even the category format to help rank them higher as people discover them on the Notion template gallery site. The more unique, the better likely, as Notion has a range of categories.

Featured on the Notion Templates Gallery

How to Submit Paid Notion Templates

The process is the same, you submit either free or paid Notion templates giving you and opportunity to submit anything you have made before too.

Notion Template, Profile

This is an example of what information is included as you submit to your Notion template profile meaning you can direct people to the Notion template and easily grow your library.

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