Motion Introduces Desktop & 3x Faster Mobile App

26th Jul, 2023

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Motion Task Management - Mobile App

Motion has added new desktop and mobile apps.

The task management application come daily planner app has long been only available for web users. This new addition of the macOS and Windows apps has made many people happy and finally Motion is much more widely available apps for mobile and desktop.

Motion is one of the most expensive productivity apps on the market, with a monthly fee of up to $34 per month but is raved about as one of the best productivity AI combinations. Motion wants to be your AI calendar assistant as well as managing your projects and tasks in one hub too. So what else was released in this announcement from Motion?

More Motion Releases

Motion introduced the mobile app with 3x faster speeds with an easier to use experience. They formerly had a mobile app but this is much faster and now has the project management abilities that many people wanted for managing on the go.

Using Motion for Organizing Tasks and Projects
  • New Mobile App - 3x faster speeds, project management abilities
  • Faster Algorithm - this makes all the AI abilities in Motion go much smoother
  • Zapier & API Access - perfect for sending Motion tasks to other apps

If you're in the hunt of an application like Motion for daily planning, we can recommend a host of daily planner apps for you to pick the best one for your work and life.

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