Microsoft Loop is Widely Available: Plus 10 New Features

15th Nov, 2023

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Microsoft Loop Available

Microsoft Loop is official launching in general availability.

This means those with business and enterprise accounts can now access Microsoft Loop on mobile and web, and those with consumer and commercial can access Loop on mobile. Loop will also come as an iPad app too. The new release focuses on better management of Microsoft Loop and making it more available for teams to embrace into their workflows.

Better collaboration with apps like Microsoft Teams and Co-Pilot make it much more approachable for teams looking to save time with meetings, managing projects and finding that middle man for managing items in a multiplayer canvas that people can interact with.

General availability of Microsoft Loop

Microsoft Loop, most importantly, is available for everyone now. The Loop app comes with all the features that will be listed below and allow teams to better collaborate. Since launch in November 2021, this is the first official general release of Microsoft Loop.

10 New Features in Loop

Here's what the announcement revealed about Microsoft Loop and how they work:

1. Co-Pilot Notes

Microsoft Loop & Teams Agenda

Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Loop work closely together allowing you to collaborate on notes and agenda items within the meetings. With the new collaborative notes, you can bring together real-time notes, assign follow-up tasks and even use the AI co-pilot for auto-populating additional information as it happens in real-time.

2. New Loop Workspace

Microsoft Loop Workspace Co-Pilot

Making new workspaces is much easier now as it becomes general availability. You can turn a page going with an overview of the project by understanding the core page and using Co-Pilot to re-use pages, take context from other Microsoft 365 documents & more.

3. Better Whiteboards in Loop

Microsoft Loop Whiteboards

Collaborative Loop components allow you to use whiteboard within Microsoft Loop and see people interact with it in real time with the pages. This is ideal for managing whiteboards and keeping them in the same workspace as Microsoft Loop.

4. Jira & Trello

Jira and Trello in Microsoft Loop

You can use apps you use outside of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem like Trello and Jira.

5. Table of Contents

Table of Contents - Loop

You can now use a TOC to save time and keep it updated in real time.

6. Invite Teams Now

Invite Teams to Loop

You can invite team members and collaborate instantly within Microsoft Loop. Much more sync way to start collaborating in Microsoft Loop than before, naturally.

7. Better Notifications

Mobile is much better with Microsoft Loop allowing you to interact with others on the go and also use page summaries to better use Co-Pilot on the go.

8. Summary on Pages and Workspaces

Summarises help to better bring your team together to the correct knowledge and save time. You can summarise pages and keep the information pinned to the top so that people come in and find out everything at a glance.

9. New Recaps & Progress

Microsoft Loop Recap Feature

Recaps is a feature that is new in Microsoft Loop and allows Co-Pilot to create a recap of the changes on the page. This makes life easier to understand the revision history and what's been changed by the person and also a way to tag people to pass on the baton.

10. Boosts for Interactions

More ways to share love and feedback using amazing emojis and interactions for better animations in Loop which makes the experience better for hybrid and remote workspaces.

101: What is Microsoft Loop?

Loop is a multiplayer place to manage projects, meeting notes, wiki, brainstorms and lots more with the power of Microsoft 365. It is now available for general release to all.

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