All-New Slite Wants to Unlock Team Knowledge with AI

13th Sep, 2023

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Slite AI Team Knowledge Feature

Team knowledge bases are getting smarter and one of those is Slite. Slite wants to be your base for company information but they want to infuse this with AI to save time.

They've launched an "all-new Slite" to help with that mission with a revised focus.

Curious what Slite is and how to get it?

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1. Instant Answers with Slite AI

So, Slite has had "Ask" system but now this as staple of the experience and out of beta. This allows you and your team to search questions or content added in documents within Slite. A huge timesaver and potentially effort too, instead of pinging them on Slack.

Slite AI Ask Feature, Knowledge Base

2. Knowledge Base Infused with AI

Next up is a new look and experience for managing and better co-ordinating the management of documents as a team. See stale documents, or even ones that need re-verification (a system designed to keep team information updated).

These AI insights produced personalised actions to make as a team to better manage knowledge.

AI Insights from Knowledge Base, Slite

3. Better Document Writing with AI

Something we've seen with many applications in productivity, but Slite is now getting AI within the editor meaning better management of posts. Update, re-write, translate and more makes team documents look less wild and more concise.

AI Editor for Team Documents in Slite

Want to explore Slite?

Here's our YouTube review to outline what's new and inside Slite AI: