HEY Calendar is Coming in 2024: Here's Some Sneak Peeks

24th Oct, 2023

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HEY Calendar Coming Soon

First spoken with in 2020 by DHH and then by Jason Fried in 2021, HEY and 37Signals want to expand further beyond just HEY Email as an experience and build a calendar app.

Why HEY Calendar?

HEY Calendar wants to extend the abilities within HEY Email to better manage your calendar. One of the key reasons to why HEY Calendar is being built is that Jason Fried hates calendar apps now and how they are done.

In 2021, Jason referred to them as "the worst things that exist at work" thanks to the nature of time grabbing and had the intention to "build our own calendar apps" due to this passion of hate when it comes to calendar apps in the workplace much like what they did with HEY.

You can accept ICS invites via HEY Email now, they want to build their own experience.

Sneak Peeks: HEY Calendar

Here's the images with some of our running commentary:

HEY Calendar Event Management

Image above shows the conflict where it shows multi layered events. In the tweet, it states even making the overlapping events, there's a fun animation that unfolds them.

HEY Calendar Events Open

This makes us think that HEY will allow you to turn emails into time-blocked items. Just from the titles of these, this might help people better align context with task completion.

Another person on Twitter refers to the design as stacks like in HEY Email. This is something confirmed by the HEY Email team.

HEY Calendar Night

This was the earliest picture of HEY Calendar and it felt from here we are getting something unique. From this image, we feel it could be a non-linear calendar allowing you to scroll through your days, versus seeing them as a step-by-step view.

This would be super interesting!

What will HEY Calendar do?

HEY Calendar is being touted as "not being like everyone else's calendar' - a premise developed from HEY email's approach to email - more novel and productive focused.

Will it be seperate from HEY Email?

No. They plan on making this one product, as stated on Twitter.

When will HEY Calendar launch?

Releasing in Q1 2024 is the plan for HEY Calendar.

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