5 Best Note-Taking Apps for iPhone in 2024

Best iPhone Note-Taking Apps

The iPhone is the perfect portable note-taking device.

It presents a handy and accessible way to take notes on the go and perfect for simply tapping anything from present ideas to key information about an upcoming event you're attending. So making sure you have the right notes app on iPhone means a lot.

There are lots of notes app for iPhone in many shapes and sizes and of course, one of the most popular is Apple Notes, a reliable and Apple-built notes app that millions use daily. There's obvious plenty more that we are going to go over to give you a wide perspective of which one might work best for you.

What makes a great iPhone notes app?

The most important thing to take note on is the speed and reliability of the application for taking notes as you take notes on the go. So here's what is important for notes apps:

  • Reliable - Works offline and online for better management of your notes wherever you maybe, which is the case more so with your iPhone than with your desktop.
  • Quick Capture - Makes for good quick capture for ideas and thoughts that come to you wherever you may be.

7 Best Note-Taking Apps for iPhone in 2024

  • 1. Apple Notes - Apple developed and owned basic notes experience
  • 2. Bear Notes - Great for simple notes with a friendly way to organize
  • 3. Google Keep - For light notes, reminders & AI image search
  • 4. Evernote - More of an all-round note-taking experience with AI
  • 5. Supernotes - Perfect for students and beyond with notecards
  • 6. Agenda Notes - A combination of notes and calendar events
  • 7. NotePlan - Markdown masterclass for notes, tasks & even calendar too

Let's begin to unpack how these apps are helpful for taking notes on iPhone.

Apps Mentioned

1. Apple Notes

Best Apple Notes App

Apple Notes Folders App, Search

Why Apple Notes is a good notes app for iPhone?

Apple Notes is for many people the go-to notes application and provides the best all-round experience for most people. If you're in the hunt for taking notes, quickly, and in a simple manner - eg. just lists, small tables, folders to organize and easy share between apps on your iPhone then Apple Notes is perfect.

Typically we recommend Apple Notes to everyone because it tends to serve the job and for many people the meme is true. For many people, the notes experience is best with Apple Notes because it doesn't have crazy complex features and serves a portable iPhone notes experience. Many people love Apple Notes and millions, maybe even billions use it daily.

Apple Notes Meme

2. Bear Notes

Best Simple Notes App for iPhone

Drawing in Bear Notes, iPhone Demo, Sketch Abilities - 3 iPhone Screens

Why Bear is a good notes app for iPhone?

Bear Notes is a friendly, well-designed notes app with fun and personality. The application allows you to take simple notes, with images, files and even drawings too for iPad and iPhone users alike. Bear also has a world-class macOS application that presents a clean and easy way to take notes on desktop too. But if you're in the hunt for a solo iPhone notes app, Bear Notes is actually really well put together for managing notes.

You can organize your notes in markdown, use features like table, and organize your notes in hashtags which makes for nesting of hashtags and easy simple notes without the hassle of folders - meaning you can make a note that lives in two places, or two hashtags at once.

3. Google Keep

Best Post-It Note Like Notes App for iPhone

Google Keep on Mobile App, iOS and Android

Why Google Keep is a good notes app for iPhone?

Google Keep isn't just Google's version of Apple Notes, but it extends to iPhone users too. This is the perfect example of post-it notes, if they had a dedicated notes app (which I'm sure they probably do) - but Google Keep does notes like post-it notes in a great way.

Adding notes is really fast, you can set reminders on notes, turn them into checklists, capture audio too and really bring together a set of colourful notes. Google Keep is free too, meaning you get totally free experience and with the newer AI image abilities you can search for images in your Google Keep and get instant results. You can also organize by object, colour of note and much more for easier AI based note-taking.

4. Evernote

Best All Round Notes App for iPhone

Evernote for Android users.

Why Evernote is a good notes app for iPhone?

If you're in the hunt for a good way to handle notes on iPhone and beyond, Evernote is probably the staple recommendation. Evernote is available on all devices and brings the iPhone version to make notes easier to capture. Now in Evernote, you can capture not just notes, but tasks, calendar events and more - but the document scanning, business card scan, image upload and powerful search means your notes get the power treatment.

Bending Spoons now own Evernote meaning the AI focus will now be brought to Evernote, but to be honest they have a history with developing good iPhone apps so the next few years for Evernote will be very very interesting. A solid option for all-round use.

5. Supernotes

Best iPhone Notes App for Students

Supernotes, Android and iOS, App Showing Notes Open

Why Supernotes is a good notes app for iPhone?

Supernotes released their iOS and Android apps as part of their Supernotes 3.0 release and they have been a hit since. Supernotes is a PKM like notes app that wants to help you manage your notes with no folders, but the concept of a notecard - a much friendly way to take notes and link them up. Much like PKM, personal knowledge management app, Supernotes handles your notes in a graph and bi-directional links, but the notecard makes the way of taking notes in Supernotes very simple and natural.

Popular with students, this is one of the best iPhone apps for student note-takers, but as a whole it can be used beyond the academic for taking notes and bringing your ideas together. If you use notes with others, one of the best things is that notes can be collaborative in Supernotes, but remember there's a limit of 100 note cards in the free plan.

6. Agenda Notes

Best Notes App with Time Based Notes

Agenda Notes on iPhone

Why Agenda Notes is a good notes app for iPhone?

Agenda Notes won Apple's Design Award a few years back and for good reason. Agenda presents a beautiful design with a simple concept, connect your notes with calendar associated dates. This makes Agenda Notes great for those who plan with a date in mind.

This makes Agenda Notes popular with those who take meeting notes, plan trips, or even just have a calendar blocked with events. Agenda Notes works with Apple Calendar making the import of calendar events easy to get started, it is free with a premium pricing, but offers a great deal of features like "on the agenda" for keeping on track of what's most important and timely note-wise.

7. NotePlan

Best Markdown Notes App

Why NotePlan 3 is a good notes app for iPhone?

NotePlan 3 has evolved in the last few years as a way to take notes on the go. Not just notes, tasks and calendar can be made up in NotePlan allowing you an ultimate note-taking system for your productivity. NotePlan is in open-text format meaning it can be used with markdown to take notes, even create tasks in markdown too.

NotePlan 3 can be used a daily note-taking app with the daily notes function, bullet journal in the fashion it allows notes to be added, a planner for your calendar events and adding associated notes to them like Agenda Notes and even a task app for adding tasks alongside your calendar and notes. So think of NotePlan as a great to handle notes in a more raw format alongside your calendar and tasks too.

Is there anything better than Apple Notes?

iPhone note-taking apps are everywhere, there are several notes apps to consider. Our recommendations are Bear Notes and Agenda for their specialism in iPhone note-taking.

What is the best aesthetic notes app for iPhone?

The most aesthetic notes app has to be Supernotes, this is a beautiful looking and functional notes app, second place has to go to Agenda Notes.

What is the best way to organize notes on iPhone?

Taking notes is much easier than you think, organizing them can come with challenges. Search can help you find notes on iPhone but apps like Bear Notes can help you organize with hashtags and Google Keep with their search image and object functions.

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