Unlock More Power with Productivity Tool Courses

Understanding productivity tools can help you use a productivity tool more effectively and allow you to get more done. We've put together a selection of courses covering productivity tools ranging from Evernote to Microsoft Loop, to expand your skills in any of the productivity tools you'll find on Tool Finder.

Tim Stringer

Learn OmniFocus Courses

Unlock the powers of OmniFocus for tasks, workflows, emails, and much more. Take the task management app OmniFocus to the next level with these courses.

Francesco D'Alessio

Timestripe Made Simple - HQ

Better goal planning with Timestripe as a goal planning tool. Manage your month, year and decade goals with Timestripe and learn the power of this daily planner tool.

Vensy Krishna

Get Started with Notion

Introducing "Notion 101 for Beginners" - the ultimate course for those who are new to Notion. This class covers everything you need to know about getting started with Notion.

Matt Munslow

Microsoft Teams Call

The Managing Microsoft Teams course is designed for persons who are aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Teams Admin role.

Louise Henry

Up Level with Asana - Course

One of the best Asana courses for optimising Asana as an individual or team to maximise your project management.

Carl Pullein

Todoist Course

Learn with Todoist Expert Carl Pullein the basics, intermediate & advanced skills within Todoist for better task management systems.

Next Actions Associates

GTD Course

Getting Things Done as taught by Next Action Associates for business and team education. This is a great webinar series for paying team and businesses.

William Nutt

Notion Course A to Z

Unlock the wisdom of consultancy-level skills inside of Notion and optimize everything you need to know from A to Z inside of Notion.

Marie Poulin

Notion Mastery - Teams

For teams looking to master their Notion workflows, systems and templates and build a better more organized Notion setup.

Marie Poulin

Marie Poulin - Notion Master

For individuals looking to master their Notion workflows and templates and build a better more organized Notion setup.

Mauricio Aizawa

Evernote - Run Meetings like a Pro

Manage your Evernote for running effective meetings like a pro and using Evernote calendar for optimizing that.

Stacey Harmon


EverDone is the ultimate solution for Getting Things Done® in Evernote. Taught by Stacey Harmon of Harmon Enterprises.