Unlock More Power with Productivity Tool Courses

Learn from experts with productivity tool courses

Understanding productivity tools can help you use a productivity tool more effectively and allow you to get more done. We've put together a selection of courses covering productivity tools ranging from Evernote to Microsoft Loop, to expand your skills in any of the productivity tools you'll find on Tool Finder.

Vensy Krishna

Get Started with Notion

Introducing "Notion 101 for Beginners" - the ultimate course for those who are new to Notion. This class covers everything you need to know about getting started with Notion.

Louise Henry

Up Level with Asana - Course

One of the best Asana courses for optimising Asana as an individual or team to maximise your project management.

Anthony Draper

Zettelkasten Building Lifelong Knowledge

Zettelkasten has been around in some form or another since at least the 13th Century. Attempts to digitize it have failed to capture the effective simplicity in the system.

Matt Corroboy

Project Management Tactics and Lessons

An informative and illuminating class that will show you how to build a schedule for your project that makes sense, keeps you and your team on track, and drives forward motion.

Justin DiRose

Obsidian Made Simple Course Banner

Hosted by Obsidian expert Justin DiRose, this Obsidian Made Simple is designed for beginners to advanced users optimising Obsidian.

Ali Abdaal

Productivity Masterclass - Principles and Tools to Boost Your Productivity

Ali Abdaal takes us through the core values of how to be productive on a daily basis and how to apply that to our systems and tools.

Marie Poulin

Notion Mastery - Teams

For teams looking to master their Notion workflows, systems and templates and build a better more organized Notion setup.

Marie Poulin

Marie Poulin - Notion Master

For individuals looking to master their Notion workflows and templates and build a better more organized Notion setup.

Tiago Forte

Second Brain Course - Tiago Forte

Unlock the power of the Second Brain with Tiago Forte's world renowned methodology that has helped millions of people to better manage their personal knowledge.

Beth PKM

Capacities Made Simple - Course

Master objects, notes and pages inside Capacities to optimise your note-taking experience.

Mauricio Aizawa

Evernote - Run Meetings like a Pro

Manage your Evernote for running effective meetings like a pro and using Evernote calendar for optimizing that.

Steve Dotto

Steve Dotto - Master Evernote

Learn with the wise Steve Dotto and DottoTech to master Evernote and maximise your insights and knowledge to be more productive.