Unlock More Power with Productivity Tool Courses

Learn from experts with productivity tool courses

Understanding productivity tools can help you use a productivity tool more effectively and allow you to get more done. We've put together a selection of courses covering productivity tools ranging from Evernote to Microsoft Loop, to expand your skills in any of the productivity tools you'll find on Tool Finder.

Francesco D'Alessio

Amplenote Made Simple Course

Unlock the power of Amplenote with this easy to approach course developed by user and expert Shu Omi and discover the power of Amplenote for tasks, notes & calendar.

Francesco D'Alessio

The Bento Methodology Course 2.0

Upgrade your task management with the Bento system and use it with any to-do app. A timeless approach to focusing on what matters by re-approaching task management from the ground up.

Tim Stringer

Learn OmniFocus Courses

Unlock the powers of OmniFocus for tasks, workflows, emails, and much more. Take the task management app OmniFocus to the next level with these courses.

Francesco D'Alessio

Timestripe Made Simple - HQ

Better goal planning with Timestripe as a goal planning tool. Manage your month, year and decade goals with Timestripe and learn the power of this daily planner tool.

Matt Munslow

Microsoft Teams Call

The Managing Microsoft Teams course is designed for persons who are aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Teams Admin role.


Using Todoist to Track Tasks and Organize Your Life

This course covers the basics of Todoist and how to get started creating, learning the core features & optimising your tasks setup with Todoist features.

Carl Pullein

Todoist Course

Learn with Todoist Expert Carl Pullein the basics, intermediate & advanced skills within Todoist for better task management systems.

Next Actions Associates

GTD Course

Getting Things Done as taught by Next Action Associates for business and team education. This is a great webinar series for paying team and businesses.

Mike Dee

21 Days of Purposeful Productivity

How to design, build, and implement your own system of habits to streamline and automate your productivity to reach your long term goals.

Liam Porritt

More Focus, Less Stress - Build Your Ultimate Productivity System in Trello

Liam Porritt expands your knowledge of how to build an effective productivity system inside of Trello, popular project management tool built by Atlassian.

William Nutt

Notion Course A to Z

Unlock the wisdom of consultancy-level skills inside of Notion and optimize everything you need to know from A to Z inside of Notion.

Stacey Harmon


EverDone is the ultimate solution for Getting Things Done® in Evernote. Taught by Stacey Harmon of Harmon Enterprises.