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NotePlan 3 Review

NotePlan 3 is a neat way to host your notes, with calendar and tasks alongside. With markdown, a simple nature and power features NotePlan presents a neat notes app.

What is NotePlan 3?

NotePlan 3 is an evolution of the NotePlan applications and offers a unique tool to host your tasks, calendar and notes. But what does it offer for you?

Well, NotePlan 3 offers a way to take notes as the core element. With those notes, you can add what NotePlan call "markdown tasks" that allow you to create tasks within notes inline. Popular for GTD lovers.

NotePlan 3 Features

Looking at note-taking, and some of the other features around that:

  • Notes - NotePlan, hence the name, offers a good ability for notes and probably one of the best uses cases for it. You can write markdown notes, add tasks and checklists and associate them to a certain day. You can also build out with some multimedia too.
  • Calendar - Connecting Google Calendar, iCal or Exchange is all easy inside of NotePlan, and perfect for those who like to see notes with dates near them. Some people like this in apps like Agenda Notes, but NotePlan goes an inch further with "tasks" in notes.
  • Tasks - Help you to allocate tasks when you're making a day plan in NotePlan, meaning you can get a daily note type experience with your calendar and from here tally your tasks for the day, adding due dates and even reminders too.

NotePlan 3 in general has evolved from NotePlan 2, with more bolder and bigger visions for notes. Lots of people are looking at it as an alternative to Agenda Notes, but also as a way to centralise everything in one place, that lives as markdown based items.

Verdict on NotePlan 3

NotePlan is a unique note-taking app.

Great for doing daily notes, journals, notes, task capture and a good way to see what's coming up in your calendar too. For many, NotePlan 3 presents a neat solution to have everything all in one - very much suited for the Apple-lovers out there as it is only on iOS and macOS but it presents a decent bet for those who love date-based note-taking.

The pricing isn't stunning, but when you host everything in one base, in a stable and reliable app like NotePlan, it isn't half bad as a all-in-one notes tool. More recently NotePlan extended their thinking into time-blocking, soon to be deployed on macOS.

NotePlan 3 Alternatives

Alternatives to NotePlan could be Evernote or Agenda Notes, but Bear Notes too.

Markdown Tasks

An under-rated featured in NotePlan is the markdown tasks. If you're someone who want to see your tasks in your notes, this is a neat way to host in one base.


NotePlan connects with iCal, Google & Exchange too. Making it a great place to hub your notes with your calendar, like Agenda Notes.

Linking Notes

A subtle bi-directional linking application allowing you to create connections between notes and even organize with folders.

Understanding NotePlan 3

Questions on NotePlan

When is NotePlan 4 coming?

There's no outright plans for NotePlan 4 that we have heard of, they share on their Twitter updates and this will likely be the best place to find it.

NotePlan 3 or Agenda Notes?

Agenda Notes is very much focused on notes and calendar planning, whereas NotePlan 3 presents a trifecta approach of tasks, calendar and notes in a hub like experience. Agenda is better for those who use notes and calendar events in one more so.

Does NotePlan 3 have time-boxing for calendar?

NotePlan 3 have recently launched a feature in 2023 allowing users to time box your calendar which produces better results for managing your task and calendar for focused "deep work states" popularised by Cal Newport.

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