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Ten Percent Happier

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Ten Percent Happier Review

Ten Percent Happier is an app aimed towards helping you become happier through meditation, breathing and lessons about mindfulness.

What is Ten Percent Happier and who’s it for?

Ten Percent Happier is an application made from the back of the 10% Happier book written by Dan Harris. The app is accessible to all and aimed towards those who might also be sceptical about meditation and ways to become more mindful.

The app also includes teachings and lessons on how and why becoming more mindful and meditating can improve your happiness even by ten per cent.

Ten Percent Happier Pros - The Science

So what are the benefits of using the Ten Percent Happier app?

  • Science - The app dives a little into the behind-the-scenes of meditation and how mindfulness can increase your happiness, this helps the user better understand the process.
  • Respected teachers - The teachers on this app are well-known meditation experts, also with lovely calming voices who slowly walk you through the meditation practice and different lessons.
  • Daily lessons - The app will give you a daily meditation lesson to perform, helping you create a healthy habit to become happier.

Ten Percent Happier Cons - Limited

So what are the negative aspects of the Ten Percent Happier app?

  • Limited sessions - Some people have said or reviewed that the lessons can feel quite the same, and once you have mastered the meditation there are more interesting guided meditations elsewhere.
  • Not enough for sleep - The sleep aspect of the application is limited with the sleep stories, again, you can find more sleep stories online.

Ten Percent Happier Verdict

We think Ten Percent Happier is a great app for mindfulness and meditation beginners to learn the ropes to then implement the things they have learned in real life.

Ten Percent Happier Alternatives

Here are some meditation app alternatives to Ten Percent Happier.

  • Headspace - Headspace is a more expensive meditation and sleep tool but it offers a lot more with lessons, sessions, sleep sounds and more.


Ten Percent Happier is more than a meditation app, it wants you to learn the skills to be happier all around.


One of the main aspects of the app is meditation and breathing to gain better control of your feelings and emotions.

Easy to Use

The Ten Percent Happier app is easy to use and is aimed towards anyone who wants to increase happiness through mindfulness.

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